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I'm looking into starting a social clan with no requirements beyond being mature, active, and easy-going. Organization and structure are important to me, so the clan would have well defined roles with those persons filling those roles receiving strong support from me and a small team of deputy owners.

Receiving and responding to feedback is important to me as a leader so I wouldn't decide the clan's name, structure, etc. without finding and speaking with my group of co-founders. That said, I am a person of high expectations so only inquire about being a founder if you're willing to both have fun and be challenged to improve your leadership skills. I've been described as both silly and stern.

My pm is on, so contact me if you're interested. I'd be delighted to speak with you.



17-May-2016 06:12:43



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Bakersfield said:
Looking to help build a clan with a friend of mine, Myelin.
We are both fairly active players and have decent stats. If you are looking to make a clan or have any open positions for us then feel free to pm me or Myelin.

Hey :)

Let's chat - there's a link in my signature to a recruitment thread for the clan we'd be chatting about. Looking in advance would help you get an idea of whether you're interested in being a part of it or not.

I've added yourself and Myelin.

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