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I am currently searching for 1 more Founder to assist me in creating a clan (which the name will be decided between all founders)

Add me on discord to discuss: Erza#9999

Ranks Available:


The highest potential of Founders will have the following traits/personality that I would require in every high-ranking member:

- Friendly
- Helpful
- Cooperative
- Active
- Dedicated
- Relaxed
- Knowledgeable

You do not need to be a professional bosser or skiller or have a buttload of money to be accepted or even considered.

The available ranks above will have the following responsibilities/roles:


- Overall moderation over lower ranks
- Recruitment
- Establish Events alongside Captains+

Add me on discord to discuss: Erza#9999

Having these ranks means that we have a solid base to start building on.
There is a chance that I might not be online, in that case

20-Jan-2019 01:34:47

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needing founders for a runescape clan we will have a discord channel and it will be a dungeoneering, PVM, and skilling clan but anyone is welcome to join their are no in game requirements only requirements are be friendly and relaxed if you are interested in becoming a founder pm me in game Wheatiiie. or discord message me Gravefire591#9095

21-Jan-2019 21:22:57

Saint Rasmus
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Saint Rasmus

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Looking for founders
[EU Based]
I want to create a skilling/social clan.

Capping wouldn't be mandatory but visiting the citadel for upkeep reasons would be a must for all members. No need for lotteries and such as a bribe for members to cap and do stuff then.

Clan events is something that would grow to exist in the future. No need to plan for those things until the clan has a few members that are actually interested in events.

Basically just a chill little community where we work on our gainz.

Feel free to send me a PM in-game!

Kindness is a reward in itself.

24-Jan-2019 13:53:09

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Looking to be a founder in a clan, pm on discord Toledo105#5605

CB level 138

Willing to make a clan and would need founders if you want to go that way, up to you :)

30-Jan-2019 18:23:49 - Last edited on 30-Jan-2019 18:44:35 by Toledo105

x Warrilow93
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x Warrilow93

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RSN to be contacted on: x warrilow93

Combat level: 105

Total level: 1613

Attack/Strength/Defence/Ranged/Mage/Prayer levels: 81/87/80/86/77/70

Of the following, which clan are you looking for: PvP/PvM/Skiller/Social: /Pvm/Social

Which region/timezone are you based in?: UK

31-Jan-2019 16:19:07

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