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I hopped to a legacy world and now can't find out how to get back ro RS3 layout.
RS wikia discusses NIS but doesn't tell me how to get there from legacy interface mode.

Help please I can't play with this old layout.:(

05-Apr-2018 22:13:36

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If you just wanna toggle the new interface mode but use the legacy combat: on the options menu, just hit the settings button on the left side, and the click gameplay settings in the new settings menu.

It's under general gameplay at the top, and you can uncheck both legacy options, depending on if you want EOC combat or not.
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05-Apr-2018 23:33:40

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Thanks, this thread helped me change from Legacy interface to EOC on a F2P account, it was unbelievably hard to figure out how to change the interface in that mess of an interface Jagex gives, its so un-user friendly Hi.

18-Aug-2018 17:45:26



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I liked the picture you showed and that is how i remember the settings layout to look like few years ago, but now i am in legacy mode and trying to switch to EoC but i cannot seem to find the option to turn legacy interface on or off, i will try force switching by hopping world to EoC only

08-Oct-2018 01:00:19

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