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To prove my advice In 2011 I created a second player, and from scratch I was able to make 1 million gp in a day. The hard part was time. I started with nothing and pickpocketed humans, took gp and bought items fro shops. Sold those to the GE and the repeated the process.

Still today those same Items are higher in the GE than they are in shops. Pie dish, Pie shell, Milk bucket of, plant pot (the one with soil in it) 1 gp in a farm shop. Bucket of water today is listed at 140 Gp. so for the 3 gp to buy an empty one, you can make cash back.

Grinding is life. Ever sit at home just watching the paint dry? So if you have time you don't have to do anything in the fighting dept. don't have to figure out clue scrolls. don't have to quest, You can slice down trees, slice them to sticks sell those,

I still hit shops, I still slice sticks, I still make my own pies, For a while last week bowls of hot water were selling for 1,400 gp. seems someone was really needing them Lots of shops sell bowls, 10 at a time, that restock faster than I can go around and buy them all. I even mine my own clay to make things.

If you only made 1 million in a month then you didn't play often, or you never bought from shops to sell to the GE the mark up of 1gp items too 100's of gp is insane, in the amount of things out there. So take some time, and see what sells best and start collecting them.

I only get pot of flour from shops, 14 gp each, In taverly the bar by the bank has a food shop, in port sarim is the food shop, in yannile is frenita and over in port khazzard is the shop that has flours to, as well as the cooks guild at 100, the Other shops have 500. So you could buy at least 2,100 flours a day. pastry dough a lvl 1 skill, is 547 gp currently.. so there is your 1 million gp in one day......

Grind away but remember buy shops, sell to the GE

Yes I have billions now. But I still buy from shops and sell to the GE.

PM me, if you want.

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