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hey foxx!

truth is if you want fast cash buy and sell bonds. use that cash to jump start yourself in getting proper stats to eventually do some consistent grinding. if that's not an option then well, jump start on persistent grinding! lol, it all comes down to repetition. try finding something that interests you even if its little cash p/h or fair amount. i could go into detail but let me just list a few that might get you started!.

crafting mud runes! inputs to outputs = profit, i choose to do water altar because earth tallys are cheaper.
make potions! or simply clean grimy herbs. also depending on what secondary is being used you'll find that some are great gp to go out and gather, like limpwurt roots
combat related things like casual training, either slayer or hunting dragons for resources. bones and hides are always being bought by players.

getting a bigger bank just doesn't happen in 1 day it takes a while, every now and then test your luck on a boss your confident in doing and maybe you will get that lucky drop that overflows your bank! don't assume " i never get good drops"
or get down about it, the point of the game isn't how much gp you have its about enjoying you're time playing! hope this helped!

25-Jan-2018 03:12:27

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