why won't ocellus work?

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I have everything I need for Ocellus to make my ascension crossbow; 100 shards, 6 keystones (all the right ones) and the dragon crossbow and lvl 90 ranging and he keeps saying NO to making it. Any help?

04-Jan-2019 22:17:11

Aethel Wolf
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Aethel Wolf

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Hello MaryJaner

I was wondering if you were using a dragon 2h crossbow. That won't get you the ascension crossbow, you would need to have the main hand or off hand variants.

05-Jan-2019 14:51:25

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You said in your post that you have keystones, do you mean ascension keystones? (these should be tradeable with other players.)

If yes, you will not make ascension crossbow with these, you need ascension signets, which are drops from legiones and non-tradeable.

05-Jan-2019 22:52:38

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