Can't Enter Dilap T2 Cit

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Last tick one of my clan members failed to enter citadel, so we didn't manage meet the 5 members entering per week requirement to prevent dilapidation.
We had a T2 cit, and while I'm not worried about preventing the regression to a T1 citadel this week, no one can actually enter the citadel:
1) It allows us to port in
2) The citadel loads
3) Our characters are idle for about 5 seconds, unable to move/open map
4) We're booted out.

From what I understand this sounds like we had a T1 Citadel dilapidate and we need to re-open it, but I know for a fact we had a T2 citadel, and if for some reason I'm mistaken and we had a T1, I've already talked with Avalani several times to make sure I don't need to re-open the citadel.

01-Feb-2019 17:29:40

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Hi Holloween,

I can see on your Clan Page that your clan currently does have a Tier 2 Citadel. Are you getting any error messages in your chat box when you're kicked out of the Citadel?

I'm not sure what exactly is causing your issue. Locks only happen after missing two consecutive weeks of upkeep at a Tier 1 Citadel. I'd suggest gathering 5 of your clan members (yourself included) and attempt to enter the Citadel individually. Locked Citadels are unlocked by having 5 members attempt entry. I don't believe this is the issue your clan currently has, but this will either work, or tell you that the issue exists for multiple clan members.

If this doesn't work, you can try entering the Citadel from different worlds. Sometimes there's an issue connecting to the Instance Shard Worlds that Citadels are hosted on, so changing worlds can help. Also, there are bugs that occasionally occur which prevent anyone from entering Citadels. If this issue persists for a few days and happens to all of your clan members, I'd recommend submitting a Bug Report, and be sure to include your clan's name in the report.

I hope this information helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
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01-Feb-2019 18:23:12

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