P-Mod Scam and New Clans

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Please as Jagex has stated many times - You cannot become P-Mod buying it
Jagex never uses your email only the Messaging center.
Jagex will
ask you to go to a website to confirm or to become a player moderator
Jagex will
ask you for your password

Today I was contacted about how mature my clan was.
This was the second time in 3 days that this exact phrase was used when a player was contacting me about the clan that I am the owner of.

They contacted me because I have turned my messaging to on so that potential recruits could message me in's something I hate doing but at times a necessary evil.

I am not sure how they knew that my clan was "mature" as the 3 accounts involved have Never visited the clan chat. I was asked if I would go to the lobby so they could "chat" with me.
At this point I am thinking why not as if this player really does want to join then I need to give them my undivided attention. so to the lobby I went.
Immediately I was told that they wanted me to become a P-Mod they even put up a website for me to go to and if I had any questions to let them know.

By this time I am laughing - Why?
I have been playing RS since the early fall of 2004 and P2P since 2005
I have seen it all that was until today.

Today I was their target and today I reported people that have stolen accounts/identities and wiped banking accounts clean.

This type of impersonation has been around since before I started playing.

This happened to me for a few reasons....
1. my chat was set so anyone could message me
2. I have a good idea where these players got my character name and as soon as I come up with concrete evidence I will be turning it over to Jagex.
3. I had posting for founding members because that was the key way they got me.
4. they are going after players trying to form new clans.

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I have heeded every single warning that Jagex has put out and I am going to state that here.

Why because too many players in RS are still falling for it.

1. You cannot buy a F-Mod or P-Mod status = Jagex does not work that way.

2. Jagex will
ask you for your password for your RS account

3. Jagex will
send you an email about a mod ship
( These POS's) have email that looks very simular to the Jagex website but they are not this is why Jagex contacts you via the GAme Messaging center )

4. Jagex only uses the Messaging Center in game under your account information

5. Jagex will
use a message in game to contact you in game about mod ships

6. J-Mods will
contact you as a J-Mod in game about Mod Ships

These are facts; fact that Jagex has repeatedly warned players a Veteran Player I am reaching out to the Clan Community to warn players that are not as sauvey as myself about the dirty dealings of others trying to steal what they can from whomever they can without regards to anyone but their own finical gain.

You are dern right I reported these players; these players are on my personal ignore list as well as banned from entering my clan chat.

I am taking drastic measures because it warrants me to do so...
I feel obligated to let others know NOT to fall for it.

Please if you are unsure report it - Jagex would rather you report than to shrug it off.

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This happened to one of my clanmates, and she thought it was real. She had her bank totally cleaned out, they even destroyed the untradeable stuff & cleaned out her kingdom! These are not nice people. She did report it, but without proof, it's unlikely anything can be done. I thought everyone was aware of this old scam, apparently not. We have advised all of our clannies to NOT respond to these requests & to report them to Jagex going forward.

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