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Just wondering about the rules around exclusive communities and if they're allowed? Recently joined an a chat that espoused inclusive values but enacted a very exclusive culture in chat.

27-Jan-2019 20:02:27

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Each Clan can set their own rules on the forums and needs to run alongside the Code of Conduct.

They set out what they want from members of their Clan. If you do not fit the Clans needs and they boot you because you broke the rules, then nothing you can do about it other then move on.

Nothing at all you can do about it via the Forums.

Even Jagex can't force a Clan to allow anyone in if they do not fit into the Clan. Been like that for years and I can't see it changing any time soon.

They are allowed to set their own Rules and needs.
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27-Jan-2019 20:12:26

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