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I think there should be a in clan point system that higher ranked clan members can distribute to everyone in the clan for doing things like capping or recruiting that way its easier for the clan leaders to see who is actually participating in stuff so they can rank up in the clan. Ice

10-Feb-2019 16:17:01

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Hi 1c3c01d0n3,

Lots of clans have been using point ranking systems to distribute promotions to their members. Each clan's rankings are done differently, so each system varies between clans, and how exactly promotions are done is up to the leaders of that clan. That is why no such system has been implemented to the game.

If you're interested in using a point ranking system, I'd recommend checking out the Clan Discord bot by Branjos. It has lots of helpful features to aid in setting up point-based ranking systems for clans.
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10-Feb-2019 18:38:01

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