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its all in the title i am looking to make my own clan i have never done it before so would like to have the chance to try i have tried the worlds that say they r for clan recruitment but no good...i have even tried to offer money to 4 ppl to help me but noone is willing to help so here i am on here tring ot do the same if u r willing to help....also just an FYI u can leave as soon as the clan is finished either way is fine by me just member i am new to making my own clan so will need time ot get use to it =)

hope to get some interest in this thread tyvm for reading this far if u have =)

19-Mar-2019 22:55:37

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This Forum is for getting assistance and advice with how RS3 clans and the clan system works. It is not used for recruiting.

If you are looking to start a new clan in RS3, you'll have the best result using the 'Looking for Founders?' sticky for this.

If you are making an OSRS clan, you should create a thread in the Old School Clans Forum.

Best of luck!

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20-Mar-2019 04:40:13

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