Clan Citadel Mining Issue

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I have a few issues with the clan citadel regarding mining.

The first is that while mining it looks like i have a regular rune pickaxe when i hit the rocks, however i have an earth and song pickaxe equipped and a elder rune pickaxe +5 on my toolbelt. Is this a bug?

Second issue is that the clan citadel ores didn't receive the update that all the other rocks in runescape did. They still deplete and it just feels like this was missed in the mining and smithing update.

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Hi StarAnise,

Citadel mining isn't supposed to work the same way surface world mining does, and the same goes for all other skill plots that Citadels offer. When you mine stone, metal ore, or precious ore, you don't obtain these as items in your inventory. Instead, the resource counts for your Citadel increase. This is why the Mining Rework did not affect Citadel mining, and it will not be updated.

As for the pickaxe showing differently than what you're using, Citadels are coded such that your equipment doesn't affect the gathering rate of resources. For example, using a Bronze pickaxe will gather resources at the same rate as using a Crystal pickaxe. Because of this, all pickaxes used to mine in a Citadel are coded to appear as Rune pickaxes. The same goes for the Woodcutting plot where all hatchets appear as Rune hatchets.

Edit: I just remembered that this was updated some time ago. The Crystal pickaxe and hatchet on my toolbelt appeared when I used those plots, so I'm not sure why your pickaxe appeared incorrectly. Perhaps that's a visual bug. However, my first point about equipment not affecting the gathering rate is still accurate.

Hope this answers your questions :)
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