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I've witness this a few times now I know they got pmods and maybe jmods in that clan, several times I have had my clan banner placed down and without logging out, hopping worlds or equipping the vex the banner is removed and one of theirs is placed down.

Just happened again now at artisan workshop w23 mine magically removed and one of theirs in its place put there by anoma.

I've seen their banner placed down in areas where the game prevents ours to be placed too.

It's not fair for them to be using powers like that for their advantage and sabotaging other clans trying to grow.

08-Jan-2019 16:25:58

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08-Jan-2019 17:50:09

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The forums may not be used to make accusations against specific individuals, FC's or clans.

If you suspect that someone is breaking the game rules, then use the in-game report feature to send Jagex the evidence they need from their own systems, so that they can take action.

How to report a player

I can assure you that what you are describing is not an ability that P Mods have. The only thing that P Mods have in-game that other players do not have is a silver crown next to their name in chat and the ability to issue a temporary mute.

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08-Jan-2019 17:50:11

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