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Hi Starfishy,.

To keep any sort of functionality in the clan, you will need keep the number at 5 or over.
Do you have a specific reason for your question ?

Historically a clan could be one person and retain the name, however things are moving in the direction of names being removed from inactive clans for those who are active. You would again need to have at least 15 in your clan to retain even a clan name if someone else was to ask for it .
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StarFishy said:
oh ok. so just a clan of me and my friend wont be enough to keep a clan?

The clan can still exist with less than 5 members, but all clan functions will be disabled once the member count drops below 5. Regaining a member count of 5 will re-enable the settings, and allow your clan to have a Citadel.

I'm not exactly understanding your situation though. Why do you want to have a clan for only yourself and one other player? With a member count of 2, your clan will essentially have the same functionality as a friend chat.
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