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Hey everybody!
How's it going? Before I go further, this clan will be made for P2P members and ages 18+ only!
I'm currently in the makings of creating a new clan and was wondering if you'd like to go ahead and join me! We won't get started until Wednesday Evening, Thursday evening or Friday Morning/Afternoon, OR whenever I'm available after those dates if nobody can make it. I'm in the timezone GMT -5 in the USA. And tend to have crazy work schedules sometimes. So, please bear with me!
I already have a clan discord set up and if you'd like to join that, just send me a friend request on Discord at Addison#8354 and let's send each other a few messages back and forth first.
Discord is going to be our main platform for events, announcements, and more! I'm hoping that when our clan grows, many of our members will use Discord and make this an active go to platform to keep in touch with events and announcements and chat! In-game and Discord both encouraged!! If you want to know the size of this clan, I plan on making it small-medium so we aren't overflowing and everybody knows each other!

I'd really love to make this a unique clan.
A Social/Community clan mainly.. but with skilling activities/events as well.
There would be all sorts of events to host, Dungeoneer 101, bossing, hide and seek, skilling portables, Citadel parties, and much much more! Even host outside of game events as well, on Discord! Like play a couple online card games for example!

My vision for this clan is to create a very friendly and comfortable environment for everyone.
Everyone respects one another and treat others the way YOU want to be treated.I want this clan to be a home/family for everyone so I'm going to be improving this clan as much as I can as time goes on.

I'm now short on characters to type in here on this post. So, if this interests you even a little... send me a request on discord!

05-Feb-2019 05:06:26

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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Hi SirAddiLot, in order to keep the forums tidy, we would like to redirect you to make a post in the "Looking for Founders?" thread, and I will now close your thread.

I wish you good luck in creating your clan as I am sure that many do check out that thread and looking forward to seeing it grow.

05-Feb-2019 23:22:23

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