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Darken Rahl
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Darken Rahl

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Hi guys I'm trying to organise an upgrade from tier 4 citadel to tier 5. I understand from looking online that once we start the upgrades a visitor count of 20 is required. We are worried about what will happen if we don't reach 20 visits. Current upkeep is no problem for us. What I am wondering is if we start the upgrades and don't make it to 20 visitors, but still made our current upkeep, what will happen. Will we revert back to tier 3 for failing to upgrade? Or just loose progress on the upgrades But keep what we have?

14-Feb-2019 21:42:06

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Hi Darken Rahl,

When upgrading your Citadel's Tier, your clan must satisfy a visitor requirement in order to make progress on the upgrade's build progress. This has no effect on the regular upkeep that needs to be completed weekly. In your clan's case, to upgrade to a Tier 5 Citadel requires 15 visitors (not 20) to enter the Citadel during each week and meet the standard resource upkeep. All resources that are in excess of upkeep will count towards the Tier 5 build order.

If your clan fails to meet the required 15 visitors, no progress can be made on the Tier 5 build order, but you will not risk any downgrades as long as the regular upkeep targets are reached. This upgrade can remain in progress for as long as it takes your clan to build it, and resources cannot be taken away from upgrades. All progress made will carry over week to week until it is finished.

Let me know if you have any further questions. :)

Also, I'd suggest checking out the RS Wiki article for some basic info about upgrading Citadels.
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