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As many of you know. Most people have asked about "Hey why don't you allow a mouse and keyboard support to mobile osrs like pubg?" Well jagex. If you allowed a mouse and keyboard support to osrs mobile. I gurantee you that you will have a bunch of players joining like they're with pubg. More players means more membership. More membership means that there is a less possibility that runescape will ever be shut down. Which we do not want to happen. Also. People love runescape so much that what if they don't have a computer or internet at home but have a keyboard and mouse that'll hook up to there phone? Boom more players GURANTEED! So please jagex. Be more outgoing with your source. It'll benefit you and as well as many other people in the world. Thanks!

26-Mar-2019 22:49:56

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If i wanted to use a mouse and keyboard to play RS, I'd be on my computer. Mobile is designed for people who want to play at places without those utilities. For example, school, work, on the bus, in the car (etc.). If you want to use a mouse and keyboard, then use a PC.
Then again, I'm not judging you. If that;s how you want to roll, then go for it.
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