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Good morning all,

Hope everyone is having a good day so far. I just had a quick question in regards to POF animal growth stages.

Do animals go through the growth stages while I am logged out?
Let's also say a new baby appears. Does it stay a baby until I log in to see that, then it starts on the adol stage?

Can't find how this works, I looked at the wiki. Thanks all,

25-Mar-2019 12:43:10

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Animals will grow while you're logged out.

When a new baby appears, it will not start growing until you log in and visit your PoF.
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25-Mar-2019 13:58:46

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I am pretty sure they grow while you are in-game as well. I don't believe you have to log out for them to grow a stage. It just some animals take more than 12 hours to go through a stage so you are more likely to have logged out while the growth is happening.

I am pretty sure I have animals that have grown a stage while I am skilling.
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