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Mod Meadows

Mod Meadows

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Hey everybody,

As a result of your continued feedback, we’ve been assessing how we can help protect you all on social media with the links that our official channels post out. For a while, we’ve used links, and we’re aware of the potential security shortfalls they have – as well as their easy replicability for phishing attempts.

So, from
Monday 12th March at 9am
, we’ll be looking to implement a new system of personalised branded short links, which will indicate that a link is coming from an official channel.

These links will be prefixed either with the domain:


So – if you see a link which says ‘’
, for example (try it!) you can rest-assured it’s a link that has been created by us.
The aim is for all official branded RuneScape, Old School and Jagex channels to be using these – the channels being:


RuneScape Facebook page

Old School RuneScape Facebook page

Jagex Facebook page

RuneFest Facebook page

RuneScape Francais Facebook page

RuneScape Deutsch Facebook page

RuneScape Brasil Facebook pagepage


RuneScape Twitter Page

Old School RuneScape Twitter Page

RuneFest Twitter page

Jagex Twitter page

Jagex Francais Twitter page

Jagex Deutsch Twitter page

Jagex Brasil Twitter page

Jagex Support Twitter page

Jagex Careers Twitter page

Player Helpers on Twitter will also be using these links too.


RuneScape Instagram page

Old School RuneScape Instagram page

RuneFest Instagram page

YouTube (all new videos added)

RuneScape YouTube channel

Old School YouTube channel

Jagex YouTube channel

RuneScape Brasil YouTube channel


RuneScape channel

Old School RuneScape channel

RuneScape Brasil Twitch channel

Thanks for all your feedback over the past few months! We’re hoping that this will help to protect and secure your accounts on social moving forward; remember to stay vigilant, and please report any suspicious-looking accounts to the respective platforms.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to comment on this thread or contact me @JagexMeadows, or @JagexJD via twitter.


Mod Meadows.
~RuneScape Community Management.
~ Mod Meadows ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows

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