Bond bug?

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So after few months of not playing I decided to give osrs another go and bought a bond to get 14 day membership. I bought 1 bond and I redeemed it for the 14 day membership. After I relogged, the bond was still in my inventory and I used it again for 14 day membership because I thought it had glitched or something and that would remove it from my inventory. It did remove it from my inventory but it also added 14 extra days. So now my account has 28 days of membership instead of 14. I did not intend for this to happen and I don't know if it's a bug or not but I could not find a way to contact Jagex to explain the situation so I don't get banned for nothing as it happened just 5 min ago. Any suggestions on what to do?

25-Mar-2019 14:02:53

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Hiya, BladeMike94 :)

Seems like you might've purchased 2 bonds on accident, does it show that you've purchased 2 bonds in your bank/paypal? Or just one?

In most cases if the bonds are unused you're able to get a refund, however I'm not sure in this case as you've technically used the bonds.

You're able to contact Jagex for refunds by going to: Refunds and scroll down to the bottom.

25-Mar-2019 16:01:20

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Sorry to go off topic, but that thread title!!

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