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Hey everyone,

In looking at more ways to gather player feedback I'd like to get your thoughts on the releases for the month of November.

If you can give me your feedback on the following points letting me know how you found the content that'd be greatly appreciated for my report!

I've hyperlinked to each news post that covered that update!

- Achievement Bonanza
- Tooltips for Potions
- Mining & Smithing Beta
- Needle Skips
- Premier Club
- Slime is of the Essence
- General updates that covered November

Thank you :)
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Mod Shauny said:
If you can give me your feedback on the following points letting me know how you found the content that'd be greatly appreciated for my report!

This in itself is a major issue that the month of November had; there was barely any meaningful content released. Everything except the needle skips quest was boring filler, recycled, added to the dailyscape, MTX, or a combination of said things.

1. Achievements

While doing something special can be made fun, just telling you to go and do something for pointless score is boring. Achievement diaries worked because you were properly rewarded for exploring the regions, whereas runescore is worthless. This whole update seemed like it was rushed as a "let's just make something quickly" update as such.

2. Potion tooltips

Nice feature, but it was advertised as something it wasn't; it was a patch note, not an actual game update similar to a new quest, boss etc. Just thought to point this out.

3. Dxp weekend

Please stop holding these so often. Dxp weekends were already barely special when they were held twice a year, and 3 times is definitely too much. They damage the integrity of the game by messing with the game's economy (unstable prices before/after the weekend) and accelerating the rate at which players get to the endgame beyond what's natural, so they should rather be held less frequently, not more often.

4. Premier club

In short, you increased the price and reduced what you offered - not cool, obviously. If you can't deliver more content, then at the very least keep the price the same. Hell, another issue was regarding the price: GBP users can buy the packages for much cheaper than USD/EUR (and probably many other currencies as well that I don't know of) users. The difference is way too big to be just about the exchange rates.

5. Slime event

Instead of MTX/dailyscape events like this, please do fewer and better quality, non-MTX events. Quality > quantity.
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Overall fairly weak month (not as bad as the summer ones with a ton of consecutive patch weeks, but in terms of content I just can't compliment it), even though I loved the new achievements (use updates like those more often if you got no real content available for a while - they can keep some players certainly busy if they're occassionally used a filler), albeit the patch weeks were good (both in terms of quantity and quality of stuff improved - something some of the patch weeks in summer also failed miserably) and the quest also was quite interesting (it's really a refreshing concept - but the reward for finding all words could've been something more sophisticated than a xp lamp. Not the next must-have item, but maybe some cosmetic related to one of the NPCs). All in all, I hope we see the needle as some kind of side-theme for another quest in the future.

Tooltips always are appreciated - the potions ones are among the best this game has to offer and make a lot of stuff much more clearer without having to use 3rd party sites. Those should be used as reference for the remaining ones to be added.

Mining and smithing beta certainly is on a good way - albeit I would hope we could see another small progress update before it closes - or maybe some thoughts of what you've learned from the beta afterwards. The rework is important and I am glad we'll see it somewhen soon.

Slime is of the essence - and similar promotions are among the better TH ones (as they're fairly fair game to complete them). It is good you don't lose tools if you can't use them on a distinct day, but some continued mechanism should be used for the last one as well (as you're forced to use the remainder if you weren't lucky enough to obtain more) - miss this day out and you're screwed - that shouldn't happen over a player who just could use the last day. Generally, not too much of critism towards it, albeit I do not think it's good to have a tier of equipment exclusively occupied by unobtainables.
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Tool-tips were a nice addition, we need more patches like it.

The rest was trash, except I cannot speak for the Mining and Smithing beta, as I had no interest in it. Thus, I never played it.

29-Nov-2018 18:22:47

Tweety Bird
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Thanks for wanting feedback. Seems like a lot of times we post on forums and no one looks at it. I had no issues on my accounts, except for Slime event.
I understand that Jagex has said they will no longer make things to cater to certain accounts that choose to limit themselves. Let me say I'm a level 3er.

I did NOT save my tools to use them all on the last day.
I could NOT log in on the 4th day due to client crashing (which also was a concern that no JMod even acknowledged on the forums or Reddit that I could find).
On the 5th/last day of the event, the crashing seemed to be fixed but sadly on this day Jagex choose to make it 2 combat skills.

I understand you have every right to make it whatever skills you choose but it would've been nice if someone had a holiday heart and mixed it up each day.

But even if we can't change day 5, I think the least you could have done was to let us have a redo of day 4 (Crashing day). We would've at least been at 80% for the event and not 60%.

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29-Nov-2018 19:06:47

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- Achievement Bonanza
Rating: 5/5

Liked them a lot. As I've done all of the quests, achievements are a nice temporary substitute for the lack of quests. They give some goal and you rise in runescore as a reward.

- Tooltips for Potions
Rating: 4.5/5

Not that I felt a need for this update. But hey, it's a nice QoL update.

- Mining & Smithing Beta
Rating: 3.5/5

I do like the new mechanics incorporated in those skills. Gives them way more depth. However, I absolutely despise Mining's afk mechanic.

- Needle Skips
Rating: 5/5

I enjoyed it (story and voice-acting). Not a quest to get hyped for but it's absolutely great as a novice one. Another aspect of this update that I want to point out is that I really appreciate that Jagex took the time to expand the map for the new content instead of adding to an existing location in the game or just creating an instance. I strongly believe this should happen more often.

- Premier Club
Rating: N/A

Meh. I'm an on and off member so I'm not part of it.

- Slime is of the Essence
Rating: 3/5

I wasn't really immersed into the event. Lack of ending scene. But hey, it brought the community together and rewards weren't bad. I'd prefer less events and more quality to the holiday ones, though.

Thx for listening to my feedback!

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Expand the map instead

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As Tweety Bird mentioned, it's nice to have you ask here on the forums for our feedback.

- Achievement Bonanza
Nice thing to have handy if you're bored. I'm not fussed about it.

- Tooltips for Potions
Nice QoL idea. I'd like to see more like this in the game.

- Mining & Smithing Beta
Can't comment as I cannot get into the beta.

- Needle Skips
Haven't done it yet

- Premier Club
$10 more for essentially the same as last year.

- Slime is of the Essence
I had fun with the community as I always do. It wasn't too time-consuming, could use lp for more tools and cute story.

That's it but I'd like to request you run threads like this again in the future.

29-Nov-2018 20:48:35

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- Achievement Bonanza
Doesn't interest me so I have no opinion.

- Tooltips for Potions
Didn't even know this was an update.

- Mining & Smithing Beta
Now this I had fun with. I love it. It makes me want to go for 200m smithing and mining rather than just 120. It also brought me back to playing RS.

- Needle Skips
I wasn't a big fan of having to type in every word I needed, it got tedious after the first few. That said I still enjoyed the quest and I wish there were more quests released a year.

- Premier Club
No thanks, I'm a regular member and always will be.

- Slime is of the Essence
I don't mind these types of events, however that doesn't mean I want more of these more often. That said I didn't have any issues with it.

To wrap things up: More quests please and you're doing a good job on the mining and smithing rework.

30-Nov-2018 00:10:17

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Achievement Bonanza
I like most of the new achievements. They really do feel like incentive to experience everything the game has to offer, especially the skilling achievements. There were, however, a few stinkers-- I'm not really a fan of most of the "tiered"achievements (ie. Runedust/Agility posts) because I feel like the point is sufficiently made after doing them a couple of times-- needing 25 days of doing them is overkill. Also not a fan of the RNG "Bit Too Familiar".

Not much to say here-- it's fantastic to have potion details spelled out for the player. More of this "demystifying" core gameplay mechanics, please.

M&S Beta
Didn't get around to doing this, but looking forward to the actual release.

Needle Skips
For the most part, I liked this one. Neat concept, good writing, solid voice acting, etc. But finding all the optional words is a needlessly dull, lengthy task that added nothing to the experience, and the word system allowed for sequence breaking in ways that really defeats the point of the exercise (It took me about an hour to play through it properly, but I imagine that people who use a guide could be done in mere minutes by typing in the right words)

Premier Club
Like Blackwing said, increasing the price while offering less is not a good look. That's about all I have to say on the matter.

Slime is of the Essence
It was fine, I guess. An amusing little diversion, but not much else. I know a few non-combat Pures were feeling hung out to dry in regards to getting to 100% completion due to the combat-only nature of the final day's XP, so, probably try to strike a better balance in the future. And I know some people appreciated a new use for their Loyalty Points.

DXP Weekend
I feel like DXP could be a quarterly thing, maybe at the time the seasons change. Frequent enough to not feel too bad if you miss it, but not too common to the point it becomes meaningless. Appreciated the gains anyway.

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Promotions - MTX/Events: Slow down. During the holiday season, the lot of us have professional and personal obligations. In the attempt to cap out financial gain, it's foolish to limit a promotion to a handful of days that very few can fully experience, only to push out another. For the more or less legitimate players not initially buying into the " MTX hype" on start-off, it's cringe and embarrassing to sit idly by.

VIP: It sucks. I'm sorry, but year after year I consecutively buy into it only to further a slightly cheaper yearly membership discount, with a handful of mediocre perks. You or another employee could easily reinvent the wheel here, Shauny.

Mining and Smithing: The cosmetic override for the armor looks horrendous, in my opinion. I see the talent brought into the design and modeling, but it's going down the wrong path. I'd suggest holding some polls for concept art of the new armor and weapons to see what the community really wants - despite using SGS overrides, anyways.

Thanks, regardless. Better content than October, overall.

30-Nov-2018 01:59:00

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