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We didn't want blue blubber jellyfish nerfed and you did it anyway. Good job, RS3 team, for listening so well to our opinions.
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12-Mar-2018 11:04:14

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Rip, just got the levels to cook bubblers with god banner and they nerf them....

This is why we can't have nice things.
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12-Mar-2018 11:09:03

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Shame you had to reduce the healing from Jellyfish even though it doesn't fix the problem. It was a good update while it lasted.

Could've just not let players eat it at the same time as a brew instead...only food+brew or food+jellyfish would work.

Is there any chance you'd add one more bite of 750hp to Jellyfish? They need to be better than rocktails. They're higher levelled, slower to catch, and take multiple bites, after all.

12-Mar-2018 11:09:24

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> The Fury shark outfit animations no longer play when fishing for Jellyfish and Sailfish.

Update of the week.
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12-Mar-2018 11:15:05

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No kudos for the jelly nerf. You clearly didn't think this through on release, and you didn't think the knee-jerk nerf through now.

Instead of stopping yourself and seeing how something will work out, and how best to balance it, you just react -- immediately and poorly.

Get with it.
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12-Mar-2018 12:05:25

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