Patch Notes 12/03

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Blue Blubber Jellyfish now heal for 750 per eat, not 1,000.


Aww, oh well. Hopefully some new fish in the future will be this good.
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12-Mar-2018 17:01:36

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Any idea when the 2 achievements ( Varrock calls for aid and Fill them all ) are going to be fixed to tick off? Yes there has been a couple bug reports sent for both. The first wont tick off no matter how its done. The other keeps ticking off and on when you pull something from the hidey hole during a master clue.

12-Mar-2018 19:21:14

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R.I.P. Jellyfish.

Next time be sure to ruin content before getting our hopes up and then pull the rug out from under us. At least with "dead on arrival" content we didn't enjoy it for a while only for it to be purposely ruined.
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