Patch Notes 12/03

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XJ9 said:
Ghosttalon said:
No kudos for the jelly nerf. You clearly didn't think this through on release, and you didn't think the knee-jerk nerf through now.

Instead of stopping yourself and seeing how something will work out, and how best to balance it, you just react -- immediately and poorly.

Get with it.

Poor baby got something overpowered he was abusing nerfed... That's too bad!

They did see how it would work out. All pvmers had full inventories of jelly fish and all other food was crashing due to them being outclassed. They only started to rebound when it was announced they would be nerfed.

It's funny how people are so mad over an obvious overpowered piece of content. You don't think of all the other food sources and how it outclasses everything for how easy they are to obtain. What was wrong with balancing it this way? The way people wanted it was "let it be 4 bites and still heal 3k". Lol??? The issue is that they healed 3k per slot and had everything going for it. Food diversity should be a thing and jelly fish are still strong. You should stop being so close minded and think about the well being of the game.

You completely missed the point and instead chose to rant at me like a whiny child.

Oh, yes, you got me -- I was so completely abusing these at Demon Flash Mobs the last couple of days. (/sarcasm) I've caught all of maybe 250 of them over the weekend.

You might take note that, if these are overpowered (and I'm not the only one to think they weren't), then they should not have been released this way in the first place, only to be changed a week later. This shows a distinct lack of care in development, testing, and quality assurance. So we go from overpowered (for sure, maybe) to dead content. Brilliant.

Perhaps think a bit, before you post your underpowered trolly tripe. Unless that is in fact what you were going for.
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12-Mar-2018 23:46:28

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I noticed that the animation for fires made from lighting logs was improved (on the legacy client). I'm dismayed that the jellyfish are now less effective, but I suppose combat must be kept balanced.

13-Mar-2018 03:56:08

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Xavy said:
I am actually really sad for the blue blubber jellyfish debuff... I never even got to use them in an actual fight!
i'm actually really sad how much jagex don't give a shit to take 10 minutes out of their day each to reply to their player base.

14-Mar-2018 07:04:44

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