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Okay so as a lorehound I am nearly 100% sure where the next dungeon is going to be (BIG spoiler tag).

So as most people (hopefully) have noticed, the elite dungeons center around Xau-Tak. This being is at the very least god tier, but we are reminded time and time again in game that it pretty much resembles horror beyond imagination and is a real threat to Gielinor. This being is mostly referenced during the pirate quests.
The latest pirate quest has the player discover an underwater temple which houses a portal to Xua-Tak (where the player then has a boss fight with Rabbid Jack and manages to close the portal) .
Murals of this temple show that it is of Dragonkin origin and that by some disaster the Dragonkin summoned Xau-Tak. Lore from the latest elite dungeon (the dragonkin lab) furthers on this in regards to the failed black stone dragon experiment:
"The source of our problems has settled and buried itself in the seas. The sunken black. Ulthven Kreath. For now my priorities have reverted back to this roake curse. All have been dismissed, we abandon this place in haste. Keep away if you value this world."

So it should then pretty much be obvious that the temple buried under the seas (aka the one from pieces of hate) is the next elite dungeon location. It makes perfect sense if one remembers the Ambassador concept art. In fact I remember a platform in the temple we could not access in it yet, likely reserved for the dungeon. The only question is if we will stay in this underwater temple or if we actually descend further into the world of Xau-Tak.

You know resistence if futile, this world is doomed and Xau-Tak has planned your every move haha...haHAHAHAHahahHAHa.

Sorry, no idea what happened there. Anyways the last elite dungeon will be the underwater one.
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Probably the most accurate prediction would be compers crying for their lose, saying that it is impossible, That it is been months since new lore came out , that instant kill mechanics are no mechanics and once a guide is out and a few attempts are made, it actually turns out to be easy & there's more lore in the books than most quests offer...

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