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I would like to use invention on the red dragon armor stuff-the lvl 60 dragon plates; change a dragon longsword to also include a fishing rod; or wearing a dragon chest and augment it and it gives a swift and mighty blow with backslash motion, against the monster. lol I'm a low-level cb player

12-Jul-2017 16:41:53

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Rare item components, dismantle junk rares i.e fish mask

Components should be similar to those given by treasure trail items, but much more sought after.

Would make future treasure hunter promotions more valuable
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Why can't we man machine shops where we can use our invention skills along with others, fletching, construction, smithing etc. to repair weapons and armor, and not just for us, but, for example of I am a 99 smither, I can run a machine to fix another players sword and get XP for it. So if I want to run a fletching machine shop I have to invent the machine and learn to run it, and would start with anything over 99, up to what ever level, and be able to fix pr repair a bow or cross bow. Or an armor repair shop to fix armor over 99, and so on. So as new levels are added you need to invent and learn new skills to run them.

01-Mar-2018 23:44:30

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A "Portable Faxinator (Fax machine)", similar to the Spring Cleaner where it can be upgraded, and equipped. Uses magic notepaper to automatically turn selected loot into noted variants or to send directly to your bank.

Perhaps you could even make magic notepaper something that be crafted using invention just like the tight springs, as an untradeable variant.

02-Mar-2018 09:37:02

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