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I just got around to playing through the latest pirate quest, Pieces of Hate, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Between the countless nods to Star Wars, Harry Potter, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all the "Examine" puns, the nearly-endless pirate jokes, the adventure game-esque puzzles (including the amusing dialogue for those of us who look up item requirements in advance) and Monkey Island humour... I think it's a great example of Runescape questing at its best. Well done guys.

I mean, what other game lets you watch a sunset with a decapitated zombie head? Or talk to creepy underwater space kittens. Or convince a rat to part with a pirate hook.

"Did you hear what happened to the pirate that fell into the Red Sea? He got MAROONED!"
"Where's this Red Sea? I've never heard of it before."
"Errr, go past the fourth wall and turn left?"

I'm just a little disappointed that
Madame Shih seems to be evil now (well, more so than she was already) as I was starting to like her.

Keep up the great work! ^_^

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