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So this is taking a lot of thought and nerve to say publicly. I've been playing RS for over 15 years now. I used to joke about how silly a hack and slash game was, and how its evolved since then! I played this game when I was in middle school... when life was good. School was easy. Nothing to worry about. And then as I went to high school and life started throwing more and more challenges my way... and then challenges became burdens, that became the weight of the entire world on a teenager's shoulders... and at some point in time, you are asking yourself "Why bother living..." The only thing that stayed constant throughout this time was RS. Yes, the game changed, the but the essence of disappearing into a familiar virtual world was just enough to forget some of the things in happening in life. Just enough that I could get through it and look back and say... wow. This is a game, but it wasn't just a game for me. It was much more - a way to shut out all the negativity in the world. I am now a grown adult, working a very successful job and overall content with where life has taken me. I am getting married next month and things look great. Through grade school, middle school, high school, and university, Jagex and RS was there to help me pass some of the monotony, some of the frustration, and much of those negative thoughts. Thank you, Jagex (the original Andrew) and everyone for what this game has become and what it has been. I look forward to many many many more years here (of course, not telling my future wife).

Btw. Did you know the rate at which I cut an inventory of gems is exactly on beat with Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give you Up".

Thank you!

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This is an awesome story and I can totally agree with you on this. I have had a similar experience with high school. Any time you are depressed, you can just sink into the game for a few hours and talk with some friends.
It's so nice to hear other people's stories :)
Thanks for this!
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Thanks for sharing that with us. I'm glad the game helped you through the bad and the good. Good luck with your wedding next month! I too am getting married next month and the stress is unreal.

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