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Hello everyone! I would love to petition a valentines event where we get similar necklaces or even the same necklaces as the pendants of love and hate. I would even love to bring back the same ones if possible. Could it be reworked into Treasure Hunter or as a cosmetic even? Could we even make tokens tradable in ge like you did with the loved up walk? Could we get lovestruck pendant or love necklace with hearts in a token? That would be awesome! I really miss those heart necklaces and would absoultely love if we could get them again. Im sure a lot of other people would be excited too. ~ Emily Anne

14-Jan-2019 00:50:26



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xEm said:
What is Amascut?

*Who is Amascut. Check the Wiki, it's complicated.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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xEm said:
Any kind of event for Valentines Day sounds good to me. I support.

I have a cousin with your exact name. I am not even kidding. I showed my mother and she asked me if you were the same person. Since I never spoken to you, I can't confim this. I won't say where she lives now, but she is on EST.
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