Enhancing Combat and PVP

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Mej said:
when switching a weapon or armour piece, all thresholds and ultimates go on a global cooldown- you can still use a basic immediately after switching.

I really like this idea as currently in pvp, you don't have time to react when your opponent's items are switched. If you can't react, you can't develop a strategy.

An example of current combat:
Player A is using a short bow. Player A switches to a staff and instantly asphyxiates player B. Player B dies.

An example of proposed updated combat:
Player A is using a short bow. Player A switches to a staff and does a basic ability. Player B realizes the threat of asphyxiate and responds by anticipating. Player A asphyxiates. Player B does a basic stun to counter the asphyxiation. The strategic battle continues.

This is how combat should be.

If you HAD to use at least one basic ability after switching a weapon, your opponent would actually have a chance of defending themselves against the upcoming powerful thresholds.

Currently in pvp, you have to guess when your opponent will switch his/her weapon. Pvp should be less of a guessing game and more a battle of reaction time and strategy. In the early days, all abilities went on a global cool down when an item was switched. This made switches incredibly irritating and it shouldn't go back to that. Putting only thresholds/ultimates on a short cool down and not basics is the way to make pvp better. Combat flows and players will now be able to react, creating strategy.

There is currently a way to deal with this, esp. with Asphyxiate.

20-Dec-2017 00:28:10

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