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So I had an idea. I've noticed and totally approve of giving skillers some means by which to earn larger amounts of GP and respect. For quite awhile PVM was the only way to earn both.
My idea is to give HIGH TIER skillers the ability to make dyes. Ofc the levels required would be high as well as in multiple skills to keep the price of dyes high. This would also encourage people to try to get higher skilling levels than the basic 99.

15-Jan-2019 15:52:38

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AC Sandra said:
no no no. i have 2x 3a, 1x blood, 1x shadow on my 3cmb skiller. its very easy to get, kill clue npc with blood fury, dt bracelets, recoils... after all i dont know where to spend all money. skillers dont need pvm gear etc...

This is a bit of an absurd reason to say no to the suggestion.

I can't say that there is nobody else in your shoes, but I can definitely say you represent a very small minority to have been able to fight clue NPCs on a level 3 combat skiller, and not only to fight them, but apparently to have fought zillions of them. I have only ever gotten two dyes and I am max combat and clue scrolls is nearly all I do, with minor exception.

That being said I think the suggestion is a bit imbalanced as stands. Needs some RNG involved for it to be at all plausible for skillers to get that much money handed to them.

Would make more sense IMHO for some new high-cost RNG drops for skillers which are also usable by skillers. Even just stuff like the cosmetic clue rewards, like the pyjamas, but obatined via skilling and rarer so that it's worth something.

15-Jan-2019 18:38:05

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