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Bots have been an issue since I started this game back in 03-04. Recently I noticed a resurgence of them in random places. Last night I noticed a bot farm in Al Kharid and decided to hop around random worlds and report them in hopes that they would be cleaned up. Today I logged in and noticed that they're still there. I started hopping around random chats in hopes of finding a mod that can do something about this. After spending roughly 2 hours on this I gave up since none of the regular mods could ban bots. This made me think of an idea of what we can do to combat the bots.

Currently there are mainly 3 reasons the bots are successful at the game.

1. The amount of moderators around that can do something about them is limited. (I believe only gold crowns can ban bots - correct me if I am wrong).
2. The player base has no motivation/desire to go out of their way and report them and often when they try to help its extremely hard to get things done.
3. They are relatively cheap to reproduce.

We could get the players more involved in this. Currently people can't go out of their way to report bots because they get nothing out of it and when they do report the bots they have no way of knowing if the report even made a diference. They waste time and get nothing in return. So generally people choose to just ignore them instead.

How about we introduce some incentives for people to report bots?

1. We could make it so that when a bot that you reported gets banned you get a notification that the bot has been taken care of. This would make players more likely to report bots when they see them.
2. We could make it so that players receive some kind of points/tokens when they report bots and the bots are taken care of. These points could be traded in for decorative weapons and armor which is untradeable.

I do realize that this may be hard to implement since 100 people can find 1 bot and then everyone can report him and get points/messages...


29-Dec-2018 00:00:19

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If multiple people receiving these messages is an issue you could make it so that only the person who reported the bot first receives the prize/message.

I believe this would help deal with all 3 of the above points. Points 1 and 2 are obvious, as for point 3 - once more people are involved the cost of producing bots (especially members bots) will stay the same but benefit will decrease since more bots will be likely to get banned. This would also help RS retain its player base since a lot of people get discouraged of having to grind for items/levels when bots are able to outpace you and out level you regardless of how many hours you put into the game.

Tell me what you think.



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Sending reports DO work, there's a thread in General I believe that says how much bots were banned that month (and the numbers are big).
Jagex doesn't ban the bots immediately to prevent the botmakers from figuring out what triggered the bot detection software. This way, Jagex stays one step ahead of the botmakers. That's why you see them around the next day: Jagex is gathering more info on how they work so they can spot new ones easier.
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

29-Dec-2018 11:25:39

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Its been 3 days the bot farm is still operating...they use the same moneymaking method I do and it earn 1.3m/hour which means they can buy a bond , do 1 quest, and let the bot do the work...leaving them sitting around for days AFTER they have been reported is not a way to fix the issue. They make 31.2m/day per bot. Why shouldn't they pay 3.5m for a bond when they can make 10x the amount per day...for weeks... EVEN AFTER they have been foundout.

Saying the things are working the way they are now is stupid...waiting on a player to report...then waiting some more because players don't get anything out of reporting them...then waiting to get a report...then the bot is the time bot is found...then observed...then observed some single bot is able to accumulate $500-$1000.

29-Dec-2018 22:08:48

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