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I haven't played the game in while and right now I am fairly low level (combat 76, dungeoneering 25). Everyone I try to team up with seems to be maxed out or at least really high levled. I'm looking for some lower level players to do some dungeoneering. We can set up a time to do it and a discord channel. Dungeoneering was a lot of fun when I did it with others back in the day and I'd like to get back in it again.

17-Jan-2019 04:09:54

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Hey there! Try joining our friends chat "Dgrevolution". We are an all levels dungeoneering friends chat with a friendly group of people to dg with.

We can also help you out with getting armour and weapons bound if you need it and will never charge for anything.
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17-Jan-2019 10:18:22

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