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10/10 great people. random met on discord, was legit worried about scam, but they came through! quick 10m kill, i barely used any food, they made sure i didn't take like any hits at all, and came to find out later from clannies that these guys are world known, first class PvMrs.
I had no idea, but it definitely showed. thank you guys!
My account was made in Feb of '05

15-Jan-2019 01:10:09

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Successful kill at the second attempt. Very good service they use Discord which makes it more easy to get the kill. Good price. I highly recommend them! :) RuneScape is love, RuneScape is life. :P

16-Jan-2019 18:09:59

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The two persons helped me get my first ROTS kill, and were so kind and patient with me. They held my hand and showed me how to escape the ending. Much love, and great service; 10/10! Limitations and challenges present unique experiences and perspectives.

20-Jan-2019 17:18:34 - Last edited on 27-Jan-2019 03:31:00 by Hnub

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Great service! They were great in getting a group together for a kill asap for me, they provided info in their Discord text channels, answered any queries I had and walked me through the kill in an easy way in their voice channel. 10/10, thanks for helping me recomp! :)

21-Jan-2019 14:12:45

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Fantastic Service! Got recommend by a friend to use this fc, within minutes they had a team gathered and we was ready to start killing Solak. They broke down Solak to bits in their voice channel which was very nice. The kill went smooth and fast. Worth every penny. If you need a kill for reaper this is definently the place to go! :D

21-Jan-2019 19:08:34

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