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Hello, Iím inexperienced when it comes to dungeoneering, but I need to get 25 more levels for the plagues end quest. Iím looking for a group of people to go dungeoneering with. Iím not looking for people to pay, I just want a group to play and have fun with while leveling up. Is anyone interested?

03-Oct-2018 14:23:31

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I'm interested in joining only if there are 5 people doing large floors.

I'm also going for plagues end quest.

Currently only 5 levels left.

I don't change any money.

Medium floors are really bad xp.

I need a team of 5 people to join and get insane xp/hour.

26-Oct-2018 10:46:13

Jan Member 2014


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Hello friends,

Try joining DgRevolution fc. We do frequent dg floors with all leveled players. We never charge and we teach when needed. :)
->DgRevolution<- is a friendly, all levels, teaching, Non-leech/buy/sell dungeoneering friends chat :)

26-Oct-2018 16:37:10

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