Dung Token Hunt ED1

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Dec Member 2017


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Hi guys!
I'm looking for people who want to join for hunting some Dungeoneering Tokens with the ED1 method.
This is: Entering ED1, AOE down some mobs, kill the minibosses in the first room, use max cape tele (or a teletab you can buy), rinse and repeat.
This makes a nice amount of dung tokens.

Ill go at 17u00 game time so add me if you want to join then (or later).

14-Aug-2018 13:52:16

Nov Member 2018


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Hey howís it going? Iím interested in hitting up the dung if this is still something youíre doing. I havenít done it yet so if youíre down to coach a bit Iím in.

05-Nov-2018 15:46:24

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