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Juicy Aren
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Juicy Aren

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King Tumeken said:


Sorry I didn't want to do it too early I also had aimed for you guys to take the opportunity, that's why I did it.

It's also a friendly reminder to some about what the roleplay comm. really is, and it will help remind you of who your real friends are in the matter, or who can be your real friends :)

By the way, I love your helmet @ Croconuts.

Don't forget I support your PoK ! Cya later!

I would like to inform you that this isn't a Player Owned Kingdom. I would assume you can call it a Player Owned Building and Organization. My point being, there is no kingly person :)
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30-Jan-2019 19:16:37

Naval Pupper
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Naval Pupper

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A Class on Saradomin's Most Holy Magicks

After a bit of back and forth between the Church, the Crown of Asgarnia, and the Wizards' Tower, an agreement has been reached in order to teach interested students about the magic of Saradomin's forces.

A class will be held by a special guest teacher - the Icyenic commander Edolas - in the city of Falador, where they will discuss important topics such as holy barriers, icyenic abilities, and blessings!

Come one, come all, and be converted to His Most Holy Light!
Mods pls notice me

31-Jan-2019 02:45:42

The Gods
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The Gods

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A letter arrives to the tower inked for Archmage Tesla. The letter is marked with a official Camelot seal.
"It has come to my attention that a former runner and scout of materials of mine, Tabitha Bennelli, has received very troublesome telepathic communication with an unknown entity from somewhere in my jurisdiction. We have tracked down the source of a major spike of magical, possible Moonclan-esque abilities in a spot where it shouldn't be.
Now, we have sent a recon team to the place in question and out last report was of them setting up one of Tabby's waypoints outside and entering the grounds of the spike. We have had no further reports and believe the waypoint is still intact. The Combination, from top clockwise is Law rune, Earth, Fire, Earth, Air. Have Tabby set up a big ol' circle if you feel the need to investigate. Please do, we need to know what happened to our recon team.
Thank you,
Pryderi Tarii"
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01-Feb-2019 03:55:18

Juicy Aren
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Juicy Aren

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The Ball was a huge success!
Thank you to all who joined, it gave me hope for the health and future of rsrp
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01-Feb-2019 09:49:32

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- TL;DR:

I'll host classes where we'll do combat stuff and magic where the Tower aims to get character development for students and at the end you'll have some IC bragging rights. I'll use the Wizards' Tower Discord mostly to plan it all and I'll use the thread to post grades and stuff.

– What it is known to you IC:

Yearly Magical Combat Assessment 1A - A course that makes you a Wizard.

- Offers the student:

A grade based on personally examined performance, work attitude during class and goals set for assessment 1B.

- Idea as a whole:

The Yearly Magical Combat Assessment is an optional course that tests students to perform and exceed in their own chosen magical combat skill. They will complete and couple of lessons, training sessions and diagnostic tests in order to end it all with a big practical exam to truly put them to the test.

Once completed, the student will acquire full wizard title acknowledgement by the Wizards’ Tower administration in the area of their combat expertise. This means that at the end of the course you will acknowledged as for example a fire wizard. The ending title will depend on the students’ chosen form of magical combat.
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01-Feb-2019 23:41:37

Ptolemy Dean
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Ptolemy Dean

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Name: Rosaline Eloise Haines (yes, that Rosaline Haines).

Age: I'm thirty-six years old for all intents and purposes.

Race: I'm human, of Misthalite stock.

Currently living: I'd prefer to not answer that.

Position Wanted: I'm seeking an apprenticeship.

Magical Skill: I've been known to dabble. Suffice it to say that I'm familiar with arcane summoning, ritual magic, divination, and portal magic.

A Little About: Let me think... perhaps a taster will serve: I've worked with Mahjarrat, the Godless, and certain disreputable individuals who I won't mention in writing. I've done bad things for good reasons and vice versa. Given the current circumstances of my career, I'm applying because I have little choice in the matter. I hope you won't hold my past against me but understand if you do.

OOC Notes: You inquire, I
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02-Feb-2019 05:44:45

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Name: Hendrik Meidher

Age: 20

Race: Human

Currently living: Yes

Position Wanted: Apprentice

Magical Skill: I have a minimal understanding of elemental magic.

A Little About: I was born in Lumbridge, I reside there now; not much more to add
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Sedna Aren
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Sedna Aren

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A letter sent to those ranking among the elite and their military brass. In this case, addressed to Tesla Aren personally. It reads as follows.

You and one other have been cordially invited to attend the Coronation of Sedna Aren, to be Queen and ruler of Asgarnia.

February 9th, 4PM CST

Falador Castle

The letter concludes with the seal of Asgarnia.
Snad for Daes

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