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Gods Exposed Christmas Comp

The RuneScape Gods Exposed Monkey Voice Acting Competition

Gods Exposed is now gearing up for its tenth episode and with ten million views and counting, the series has gone from strength to strength and now we’ve teamed up with its creator, RuneScape machinima legend TehNoobShow to give you the opportunity to join the machinima elite by featuring in the latest episode as ... a talking monkey.
Yes, he maybe a machinima guru, but tehnoobshow has cast a monkey born without a voice and so we need you to provide the monkey’s vocal talents for what promises to be an awesome tenth episode of Gods Exposed.
Check out the intro video on and then come back to see what you need to do!
Step 1: Have a banana to put yourself in the furry shoes of our monkey, then record yourself reading the all of the following lines in the most monkey-like way imaginable:
"Don't you ever speak about my bananas!"
"What do you think Roscoe? Should we help little red riding hood?.."
"HAHAHAHAHA! Oh Roscoe!"
"Me and Roscoe have made our decision. We agree to help you."

Step 2: Attach your finished audio file to an email and ping it to
Step 3: Have another banana to celebrate a job well done
It's really as simple as that! We'll then pass the submissions to our internal monkey-voice-investigations team as well as Tehnoobshow to decide on who's got what it takes to be the voice of the monkey. The lucky winner will then be immortalised for all eternity in RuneScape Gods Exposed episode 10 with their voice talents being heard by hundreds of thousands of Tehnoobshow fans on Youtube.

A competition wouldn't be a competition without a few rules thrown in, so have a read before you get your monkey on:
  1. All entries must be sent as an audio file to with the subject title: “I’m a monkey!”
  2. Try to keep your entry below 1MB in size
  3. You must read the lines word for word
  4. All entries must comply fully with the RuneScape Rules, Terms & Conditions and Competition Terms & Conditions.
  5. All entries must be submitted by 11:59 GMT on the 19th December 2010. Any entries submitted after this date won't be accepted

The top prize is of course being in Gods Exposed Ep10. There’s more though, the winning voice over artist will also win 12 months of RuneScape membership opening up 1000’s of hours of additional Runescape gameplay and a stocking stuffed with gifts from Jagex!
Feel free to use this thread to discuss the competition and don't forget to check out the FAQ below if you have a question.
Good luck!
RuneScape Community Management

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Gods Exposed Christmas Comp

Q: How many times can I enter?
A: You can submit as many entries as you wish!
Q: When will the video be launching?
A: The video is due to launch close to Christmas
Q: English isn’t my first language, can I still enter the competition?
A: Absolutely! A monkey with an accent sounds awesome
Q: Can I send you a link to my audio file rather than an attachment?
A: We'll need a copy of the file to have it included in the video - you can send us a link, but make sure you're also able to send us a file of the audio clip at a later date if you win!
Q: Is the quality of the recording important?
A: It’s amazing what Tehnoobshow can do with a bit of decent sound equipment so don’t worry about making it full production quality. However, the better the quality of the recording, the easier it is to hear you in full monkey mode.
Q: What types of audio file are acceptable?
A: As long as you try to keep the file size under 1MB, anything that plays is fine. As a tip though, if you can keep the file size down, then WAVs are probably the best in terms of quality. MP3s or Windows media files are absolutely fine too though and are also a bit smaller.
Q: Can I change the words a little bit?
A: No, please stick to the lines we provide as they fit with the story of the episode
Q: Do I have to read the lines like a monkey?
A: No! While the character is a monkey and a monkey-ish voice would fit, there's nothing wrong with going down a different route and making it a pirate monkey. In fact that would be awesome.
*****Stop press!*****
Here are some answers to the questions you've been asking on the thread so far. If you've any more, bring 'em on!
Paul M
“what sort of voice should the monkey have?/what’s noobshow looking for?/does it have to be a monkey voice or my voice?/can i use voice effects”
However it’s asked, the answer’s the same – there’s no preconceived monkey voice blueprint to follow! We’ve had shakespearian monkeys, robot monkeys and full on poo-thrown-at-the-wall type traditional monkey voices (whatever that is). We’ll know when we hear the monkey’s true voice so just send us your interpretation. ; )
“File Size of 1MB is too small!”
MP3s are usually around 1MB per minute. WAVS are a bit bigger but looking through the entries we’ve had so far, there are actually plenty there that are under 1MB (i’ve not checked it they’re mp3s or wavs though). To be honest guys, we asked for smaller files to make sure our email box doesn’t fall over under the strain but as it goes, I think we’ll be ok so if your entry is a little over 1MB, don’t worry about it. We’ll still accept it. If my email box burns up though, I’ll come looking for you. :P
“have you received my entry?”
If you’ve sent it to, yes, I’m sure we have. We’re getting loads of entries already (and some real corkers too!) and sorry but we can’t get back to everyone to reassure them that their entry has been recieved.
“I want to send multiple entries, should I send them separately or all in one?”
It doesn’t matter as far as we’re concerned. Some emails do have a sending size limit though but I think that’s more down to your email than our ability to receive them. It’s maybe worth bearing in mind though.
“what will the prizes in the stocking be?”
Good try! As Master Whys says, it wouldn’t be a stocking if we told you would it? :P
”How did Noobshow partner up with Jagex?”
We first hooked up with Cam back for the first machinima comp because we loved his style of movie making and a couple of years later, here we are. =)
“what kind of tone should the monkey have?”
I’d say that’s totally up to you.
“Is it a monkey boy or monkey lady?”
Right now just it’s a monkey! The winning voice will determine whether it’s a monkey chap or not.
“How will you contact the winner? Inbox or email?”
Probably both. =)
Paul M

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@Fish 4 Vodka
It's likely they have but they don't send out a reply saying they have it, if you typed the address appropriately and made the message title "I'm a monkey!" then they will have it.
Plus, it is 20 past 8 over here in the UK. It's unlikely that they will be working now and so your entry will be seen tomorrow sometime.

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