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Puissant One
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Puissant One

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1.) It's the End of the World As We Know It"
Written by William Berry, Peter Buck, Michael Mills
& Michael Stipe
Performed by R.E.M.
Courtesy of IRS Records
2.) This appeared in an episode of The Simpsons when Homer and Moe are fighting about Moe's new bar. Homer opens his own bar in his garage and then lies to REM about why they are playing there.
3.) This song was written and recorded in 1977 for Darkness on the Edge of Town
4.) National Treasure.
5.) Arnold Schwarzenegger.
6.) Kwik-E-Mart.
7.) It was one of two Emmerich films to ever be given a "fresh" rating.
8.) A pair of spectacles with multiple coloured lenses created by Franklin that reveal additional clues on the back on the Declaration.
9.) Hancock, whos real name in the film is John Hancock.

03-Jul-2011 18:14:08

Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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1. Star Spangled Banner, I believe. I haven't seen that movie in a while.
2. I don't watch the Simpsons.
3. 1980
4. National Treasure, woot woot! XD (Love those movies)
5. I haven't seen that show in so long, but I loved it when it was on TV!! If I'm remembering correctly, it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, because I remember thinking "Dude, that's got to be him." and I looked it up and was like "Yep, I was right" lol
6. Once again, I don't watch the Simpsons.
7. I can't think of that one at the minute, I don't believe Mel Gibson directed Independence Day, but I may be wrong. ;)
8. Ocular device with multiple lenses, created by Benjamin Franklin, with the intention of allowing people to view the map on the back of the Declaration. He found them by using the engraving on the back of a $100 bill to tell where the shadow of the steeple of Independence Hall would be to show where the device was. (Although the time they used was actually quite incorrect) The device was on the inside of a hollowed-out brick that had the compass and square symbol of the Freemasons. (Yeah, I probably could have made that a tad shorter. ;) )
9. John Hancock from the movie Hancock if I'm not mistaken.
This was fun, thanks for putting this on. :) It really makes me feel no boundaries between you people and the US citizens. I know that some British people can be quite bitter towards the US for fighting for independence, but just putting on this quiz made me feel that you guys believe we are all people, there's no reason to be so bitter. :)
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Rane Sedai

Rane Sedai

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So those are the answers Leeny? I just finished looking about 50% of them up so...
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Mod Leeny

Mod Leeny

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Quote (said by: Rane Sedai)

So those are the answers Leeny? I just finished looking about 50% of them up so...

No, you can still post your answers. Big Trev didn't get all of them right. ;)

Mod Leeny

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Mod Bartie

Mod Bartie

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Alright everyone! :)
Here are the answers:
1. "It’s the end of the world as we know it" - by R.E.M
2. Co-Dependent's Day
3. 1980
4. National Treasure
5. Arnold Schwarzenegger
6. Li’l Valu-Mart
7. Both films were directed and produced by Roland Emmerich.
8. Benjamin Franklin's Glasses
9. Hancock
Great job everyone who got them right! :D
Mod Bartie

05-Jul-2011 00:01:57

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