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ha ha ha! wow! they posted my picture idea on facebook! that's awesome! :D:D:D:D:D uh...but you guys said "Sino 149"...sorry, it's no big's just that it's "sino149" lol
where can i find mr. church's answers?
(o, btw, page 23 FTW)

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Well i havent read it but im planning on buying the paperback copy but if i ask the best question that book would be put to good use... Just as soon as i finish the inheretance trilogy again!(eragon,eldest,brisingr). So im asking this question in an attempt for the signed book.
Did you have any insperation for the novel from any of the Jmods? Oh and were you hired to write it or were you just a extremly creative player and jagex decided it was good enough to publish?? :D

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I bought my own copy from Amazon.
I love science fiction and fantasy novels. As I am not a native english speaker (as anyone can see:) it is important that the language in the book is not too complicated.
I red the first chapter and I consider it promising.
Sometimes I buy an expensive harcover book and realize too late that the language is far too complicated to me. If you want to enjoy the book it is important that you can read it without a dictionary.

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Mr. Church
I have not Yet read your book, but it is on my list if I should ever get the urge to read. The only question I have is:
Why was Falidor chosen? Did you have some sort of experience there or something?

22-Oct-2010 11:58:24

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dear jagex and other moderaters,

i think everyone now drumgun...
well you must have a look at this lol
dont find it normal.. better make me mod lol.
u must now dhat if this comes out.. not good i think
there will me less players and so less money lol

hope it will be better on the futur.

06-Nov-2010 22:53:39

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