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Mod Emilee

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Official Poll Feedback & Ideas
This thread is not for game feedback or game suggestions or requests for account help. This thread is ONLY for discussion relating to our Official Polls!
Hi everyone,
As the helpful title suggests, this thread is for the discussion of our official polls and their related results!
Here you can tell us what you thought of the latest poll and also tell us about why you voted the way you did, what you think the results will mean for RuneScape and also what you think we could improve upon for next time!
Mod Emilee and Mod Howes will try to answer all of your questions and we may even post a few of our own for you to answer!
And if discussing the latest poll here wasn't enough - we're also taking suggestions for future polls! But before you get stuck in, here are a couple of pointers to help you use our polls feedback service effectively:

Thread & Email Address Rules
  • Update Cool-Off Rule: As voting on updates as soon as they've come out would never be productive, please refrain from suggesting we run polls on any updates that have only recently been released. We already pass on extensive player feedback to our content team and so there's no need to duplicate it.
  • Post on-topic: The polls feedback thread is only for discussion of previous polls and the suggestion of new poll topics. Therefore, please don't give us game feedback or debate the updates themselves on the thread.
  • Email on-topic: The polls email address is provided only for you to submit your poll ideas to us. All emails not on this topic will be deleted without being read - so please don't suggest new content or ask for help, as we can't respond to any emails sent to this address. This is also why we're unable to confirm we've received your poll suggestion, but rest assured that we have!

Right, those are the important tips to remember - now you can get involved!
To submit your poll suggestion, please copy the template below into an email and then send it to our official polls address:
Subject: Poll Suggestion

Main Subject:
Suggested Title:

Suggested Question 1:
- suggested answer a
- suggested answer b
- suggested answer c

Suggested Question 2:
- suggested answer a
- suggested answer b
- suggested answer c

Suggested Question 3:
- suggested answer a
- suggested answer b
- suggested answer c

Suggested Question 4:
- suggested answer a
- suggested answer b
- suggested answer c

Your Username:

Think hard about what questions will produce the most interesting answers and hopefully you will see them published sometime in the future! :D

Want to know if you are a lucky winner of our weekly prize draw? Check your message centre for a message entitled "RuneScape Polls - Congratulations!".

15-Oct-2010 12:15:42

Mod Emilee

Mod Emilee

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Latest Official Poll - Vote Now!

The latest poll is:

"Website Of Wonders"

To vote, point your browsers HERE!

15-Oct-2010 12:16:16



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I love the polls, it really makes the players feel like they are having an impact on the game, because ultimately, they do!
I would like to see a poll on everything that is released into RuneScape, but obviously, this is most likely not possible :P
Keep up the good work ;)
Edit: Just completed the newest poll.

One of the questions I have is:
How does the players feedback of polls impact Jagex the most?

15-Oct-2010 12:26:24 - Last edited on 15-Oct-2010 12:42:14 by Advisor

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HOORAY! No. 2!
I love polls. It gives a chance for the players to get what they want! :) I have completed the latest one as well. ;)
I think most polls that are posted are all good. I have voted for the last year and I have got mostly what I wanted. :P

(¯`*v*´¯)LäП_ƒ@†§Ø W
..(_.^._).. Queen FATSO

15-Oct-2010 13:18:45 - Last edited on 15-Oct-2010 13:21:01 by Keyring

Cake Thief

Cake Thief

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Awesome, number two!
It will only ever be second best though ;)
I like the recent polls, however the Legend of Seeker advertisment is a bit irritating, surely us members don't need to look at? I understand the F2Ps must see advertisements though :D
I don't mind either way.
Thanks Emilee! ^_^
and Proud

15-Oct-2010 19:13:57

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