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Forum Q&A - Mod Raven & Mod Ana S

Greetings adventurers!
Every so often we steal a few developers from the RuneScape Content team and get them to do a little Questions & Answers session here on the forums. Well, we've got our next one lined up!
Thursday 25th of Novemember at 8PM (GMT/BST)
That's the date you'll want to take a note of if you'd like to ask our wonderful developers some questions.
This month we have...
Mod Raven
You may remember Mod Raven as the dark lord behind this year's Halloween Event! So if you have any questions about Adamantite Damsel or Zabeth Corvid then Mod Raven is the person to ask!
Mod Ana S
The newest member of the RuneScape developer team, Mod Ana S has yet to stake her claim in Gielinor. But if you have your own aspirations for becoming a RuneScape developer or you want to know what it's like to step into the exciting world of Games Design then this is your chance to ask!
So, if you'd like to ask these J-Mods some questions make sure you swing by this thread next Thursday when we open it up for you to post. We'll open the thread about 30-60 minutes before the Developers start answering questions so you can post some to get them started.
One thing we'd like to make *absolutely* clear is that these Q&A sessions are for asking the developers specific questions about their roles, their projects or their experience at Jagex.
These sessions are not opportunities to grill J-Mods on areas not relevant to them. Such posts, or any rule-breaking posts, will be removed and anybody purposely trying to be disruptive will find themselves removed from the Forums.
Mod Mark H
RuneScape Community Management

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V a
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V a

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Mod Raven, if you were chosen to lead one of the next year’s holiday events, which holiday would you pick? Hallowe’en like this year, or maybe Easter or Christmas?
Mod Ana S, did any of the J-Mods in the Content Developers team force you to make their coffee? It seems like that’s the usual turn of events in the Community Management team, just wondering if it’s the same in the Content Developers team ^_^
V a & Orum ^_^ ---------------------

25-Nov-2010 19:34:42

Moe Is 4210

Moe Is 4210

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Hullo! I'm very excited for this Q&A - Game's Development is my *dream* job (after since that SNES ~.~) and this QA is a blessing. Thanks for organizing it!
These questions are more general so I'd appreciate if all can be answered, as I know other people will have the same ones as I do.
Q1) Concering getting into the job of a computer programmer or more specifically a games developer; would you say the best route is to take the more technical and mathematical approach of Computer Science? Or straight into Games Design?
(Personally I'll be in Comp Sci...)
Q1a) Since I'm taking that route. ^ When is it best to learn games design? A course recommended or can I just learn it myself? :3
Q2) How much maths do you use in your job everyday? What kind?
Q3) What has your education path been like? (Courses in uni/college)
Q4) What would you say it takes to be a games dev? :P
Q5) Question from a friend... How much freedom do you normally have in a project when it comes down to creativity Whilist remaining to core aims?
Q6) What are you currently working on? :P (trololol)

25-Nov-2010 19:34:53



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1.To Mod Raven, Do you foresee the dance floor seen in this year’s Halloween event being a possible POH feature?
2.Also to Raven, the track for the Halloween event was amazing, will we be able to download it and other tracks in the near future?
3.Raven, why did you turn Mod French against me! And what was the cure for the zombies? I never understood. (BTW I hand-cannoned you for the last 15 minutes of the event)
4.To Mod Ana, What is your greatest challenge as a Content Developer, and which are do you really want to work on?
5.Ana, regardless of your wishes, what are you working on at this moment, and can you give us any hints about it. PLEASE =D
6.Ana and Raven- Whats going on about the Dungeoneering finale, and are you working on it?
7.Ana and Raven- Cookiez or Pizza?...
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Mod Raven,
I really enjoyed this years Halloween with Pumpkin Pete, the always friendly, Grim Reaper, and the chatterbox Minstrel Web. Well done on a great holiday event. :)
My question is, will you be doing next years Halloween event also?
- If so, any hints on what Pumpkin Pete has in store for us? (I.E. spooky (as always ;)), comedy, all out death, rewards -cough- Just kidding. :P)
Mod Ana S,
Congratulations on being part of the developer team. :)
My question to you is, what was your first reaction when you got to work with the developer team and what do you hope to achieve throughout the years at Jagex? (Infinite supply of coffee and cookies, right?;))
Thanks for taking the time answering our questions and good luck on future projects.

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Kill King
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Kill King

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alright i got some questions
Mod Raven:
Is there any chance we will be seeing Iro… Adamantite Damsel in the future?
Does Runescape have any other heavy metal bands?
Mod Ana S:
What is your favorite new Jmod power?
How will you use these new powers? for good or evil? :P
Thanks for answering :)

25-Nov-2010 19:36:36



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My question is for mod raven:

I very much like the new update(herblore habitats). My question is will you be planning anything like that for low level players? I do have 56 construction but certianly not 54 farming.I think it would be nice to have less high level player's be able to do somthing like this.
Thank you,
Da pinesol. :D

25-Nov-2010 19:36:49

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To either Mod Raven or Ana S,
Please answer as many questions as you can :).
1. Where do you see Jagex/Runescape in 10 years?
2. Describe a typical working day at Jagex.
3. Any future projects you’d like to talk about? :p
Well I thought I’d have a lot more questions to ask that that lol. Thanks for answering if you do.

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mod ravem:
what was the inspiration for the haloween event?

mod ana s:
can you reveal if any what projects you are working on?
This appears to be where I need to put something funny

25-Nov-2010 19:38:44

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