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Zaryte Bow

Zaryte Bow

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Hey Mod Mark H
Since this is an Q&A i'll make a question for YOU :P
On the thread "OBVIOUS PROBLEMS" on rants, you've answered question 24 with:
"24)Pk'ing loot could be better
- How? "
I've made an thread containing pretty much a lot of feedback on that - and since i didn't receive a single gold post yet, i'd like you to have a look into it, if you could :)
QFC is : 74-75-986-61829688
EDIT: Or redirect the Mod who develops PvP to the thread.

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Q.) So Raven, what gave you the idea make us players try and piece together a past-future problem when talking to Zabeth Cordith? Lots of players couldn't solve this problem when talking to Zabeth, and I (quite suprisingly) was able to solve it!:p
P.S. great halloween event you and Jagex made there! :D
Q.) And Anna - what's the first thing/ type of project that you're going to be working on in the content team?
Q.) What's the most exciting thing that you want to do in the content team?:D
Thanks for your answers!.

25-Nov-2010 21:15:17

Mod Mark H

Mod Mark H

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Hey guys,
Mod Raven and Mod Ana S have left the building!
Thanks for all your questions and I hope you got the answers you were looking for.
We will try and run future Forum Q&A's, although we may change formats from time to time if something isn't working.
Thanks again!
~ MMH ~

25-Nov-2010 21:35:56

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