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Mod Mark H

Mod Mark H

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Hi everybody,
This is where Mod Raven and Mod Ana S will be answering any questions you ask them in this thread; 254-255-36-61918651

~ MMH ~

25-Nov-2010 19:35:27

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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"Are there currently alot of big projects worked on? is there just 1 big project, or are there NO projects?! " - Jublex Inc

There are many projects of various sizes going on. Alas I cannot discuss them I'm afraid. ;)

"Mod Raven, if you were chosen to lead one of the next year’s holiday events, which holiday would you pick? Hallowe’en like this year, or maybe Easter or Christmas?" - V a

I'm a big fan of halloween, so I'd probably like to take that one again. I'd quite like to take it beyond Grim's house as well, I've had a few ideas, none of which I should discuss though in case I do get the chance to do it. Spoilers. :P

"1.To Mod Raven, Do you foresee the dance floor seen in this year’s Halloween event being a possible POH feature?" -Frost1155

Potentially, though I don't think it would make a lot of sense in its current incarnation. I also feel it might lose some of its charm if everyone can have one. Grim's party was special.

"2.Also to Raven, the track for the Halloween event was amazing, will we be able to download it and other tracks in the near future?" - Frost1155

That's not really something I can answer I'm afraid.

"3.Raven, why did you turn Mod French against me! And what was the cure for the zombies? I never understood. (BTW I hand-cannoned you for the last 15 minutes of the event)" -Frost1155

Because a true dark lord always twists allies against their allies. It's what makes us so deadly, you can't trust anyone when you face against us. ;)

The cure was for an uninfected J mod to slay one of the Zombie Lords (myself or Mod Ash) so killing your allied J Mods was probably not the smartest plan...although I, as the zombie lord, approved. :P

"6.Ana and Raven- Whats going on about the Dungeoneering finale, and are you working on it?"

Now now, spoilers. :P

"7.Ana and Raven- Cookiez or Pizza?... " -Frost1155

Pizza for me, I'm not really a snacker.

"Mod Raven,

I really enjoyed this years Halloween with Pumpkin Pete, the always friendly, Grim Reaper, and the chatterbox Minstrel Web. Well done on a great holiday event. :)

My question is, will you be doing next years Halloween event also?
- If so, any hints on what Pumpkin Pete has in store for us? (I.E. spooky (as always ;)), comedy, all out death, rewards -cough- Just kidding. :P) " - Penquins

First of all, thank you for the compliment and I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

As for next year, I don't know yet, we'll have to wait and see. ;)

"Is there any chance we will be seeing Iro… Adamantite Damsel in the future?
Does Runescape have any other heavy metal bands? " - Kill Kingx

Who knows. I'm afraid I cannot say at this stage.

"I very much like the new update(herblore habitats). My question is will you be planning anything like that for low level players? I do have 56 construction but certianly not 54 farming.I think it would be nice to have less high level player's be able to do somthing like this. " - pinesolwolfe

I'd love to do something like that, but I cannot confirm that anything is being designed like this for the lower level players.

I had a lot of fun creating Herblore Habitat and I did have a few ideas about how I could make something similar for lower levels. Probably wouldn't involve herblore though, because the low level herblore is already catered for.

The problem really is that the Herblore Habitat was created, in part, to fill a level gap for those three skills as there's already stuff to do at the lower levels.

Still it would be something I would be interested in work on, but no, there are currently no plans that I know of.

"what was the inspiration for the haloween event? " - Jchaplin2

A pun.

No really.

Originally the name of the event was "It's my party and I'll die if I want to". I wanted to make something using that title and that revolved around something a little different with Halloween.

We've been so mean to Grim over the years, killing his assistant, filling his bathtub with an enormous spider. I decided that it would be only fair to give Grim something to cheer him up, hence the party.

That and the aforementioned pun.

"Did you both ever play on Runescape before working for Jagex, and, if so, for how long? :)" - Jikkir Jay

I did, for a year or so, but I'm not very good. I tend to be a casual player and focused on a few select skills that I could do in my lunchbreak (I used to work in a far less interesting job).

"And who had the initial idea behind the Triumvirate? :) It's a very clever clan sytem, which I think should have been introduced years ago :P " - Jikkir Jay

The Triumvirate is the brain child of Mod Crow, he gets all the credit for that one. ;)

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 20:02:08

Mod Ana

Mod Ana

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V_a: Yes, I spent my first month making endless cups of coffee. It's compulsory before they allow you to do the real work :p.

Q1: Personally I did Computer Science at university, but I took as many games-related modules as I could during that. In my experience, the mathematical/technical stuff has given me a really good basis for what I'm doing now, but I certainly wouldn't say it's the only route :). Especially in this role, it's important to have a creative side too!

Q3: As I say, I did Comp Sci at university. For A levels I did art, a lot of maths and English literature. That's just me though - everyone in the content team has experience in loooads of different areas!

I'm really looking forward to working on a quest with some epic storyline :D.

The biggest thing I'm currently working on is Christmas!

Definitely cookies. With SO much chocolate. So it's more chocolate than cookie!

25-Nov-2010 20:03:22

Mod Ana

Mod Ana

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Thanks for the congrats :). I was really excited when I came to work here! The infinite supply of coffee and cookies is certainly attractive, but I'm really looking forward to writing some great content!


I love pets too. Unfortunately I don't think I'm allowed to introduce a new pet every time I make content :(.

I wanted to join the content team because it seemed like a really unique role, in that I get to be creative but it also has a technical side. I've always loved creative writing and designing my own little games and stuff, so it seemed like the perfect position :D.

Working at Jagex HQ is awesome. They have sparkly ponies.

Firstly, I love your name :D.

Personally, I didn't know what I wanted to do until I went to university. I did art, LOTS of maths and English literature for A level, then I went to do Architecture at university before deciding Computer Science looked like more fun! I also did a lot of art and creative writing in my spare time. That's just me though - there are loads of routes into the industry, and everyone here has such a wide range of experience :).

I'm working on Christmas at the moment, but I want to keep it a secret :D.

25-Nov-2010 20:20:59

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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"Do developers every take a “specialty” in their work? Such as making skill additions, quests, item additions and so on or do they dabble in many fields of the game?" - Sacornus

Some developers do specialise in certain things, but we generally work on a variety of different things.

"I have noticed that Runescape pulls it’s content inspiration from current issues and historical sources- I see similarities to the gate doors at north Falador and these ancient gate doors I saw at the British Museum. What kinds of things do you guys like to use for inspiration?" - Sacornus

In short, everything. Generally when we're being creative, I refer to people in general, we draw on our experiences, change them, refine them and then recreate them into something that is inspired by the original, but is no longer of it.

I use a mixture of things I've seen in my life and the games I've run for my friends (I'm a table top roleplay geek).

I also throw in the occasional reference to a piece of media that I think is particularly awesome. ;)

"Thanks for the Ravens in the holiday event! I liked the new characters introduced during this past Halloween Event- could we perhaps have some new ones for the Easter Event too? The squirrels were a great start! Assuming you’ll be doing that project this year." - Sacornus

I don't know if I am doing a holiday event in the coming year, but if I do I'll try and add something suitable. ;)

I rather enjoyed getting player suggestions and incorporating them into this last halloween event (hence the ravens) so if I do another holiday event I may try and do the same. It would be interesting to see what sort of critters people associate with Easter, other than rabbits for example. ;)

"(1) How difficult is it to make new content develop the story of RuneScape, without making old popular content obsolete?" - Magma

Quite hard. There's a lot of balancing that goes into out content to make sure that it has the result that we're looking for.

Herblore Habitat has been through a lot of tweaks to get the rates that we were looking for. We spend a lot of time testing, tweaking and then retesting to get it just right.

"(2) There are many parts of the game that are in a sort of "Cliffhanger state" (Like the frozen door in the God Wars dungeon, the plans of Mother Mallum, Prifddinas...). Are there super-secret plot notes that give designers an idea where the storyline should head, or is each designer free to take the story where they want as long as it fits the theme of the existing content?" - Magma

It's a secret. :P

I would like to thank you for helping create yet another successful Halloween event for RuneScape. Myself and many others enjoyed it and I'm sure they would appreciate it just

as much as myself. My question for you today is not something you would generally find here. It's about the processing of system updates, which I feel you may be familiar with

since you have been working with Jagex for some time I assume.

When I mean System Updates, yes I am referring to when new content is released for players to use, after the update counter is displayed." - Lee Strong

Thank you for the compliment, however I'm not quite sure I see the question in your second statement. Sorry. O_o

"I love how ravens were in this year's Halloween event, what inspires you to use Edgar Allan Poe's quote?" - Time Legend

Two things really.

My mod name (obvious really) and you guys.

I held a thread getting player ideas for the event and Edgar Allen Poe cropped up a lot. I couldn't write it purely around Poe's "The Raven" because I'm not sure it would have made for the best interactive story, but I wanted to add in a reference for those who suggested it. ;)

"Exactly how much freedom are you given when making content? Is it like you give a general idea and everyone elaborates on it or is it completely drawn up by you first and then everyone has a stab at it?" - Yellow Yoshi

We get some aims and some goals, but beyond that we get a lot of free reign to come up with the creative ideas. Our ideas are then reviewed and given feedback and we adapt it based on the feedback from the amazing wealth of creative talent we have at Jagex.

Our ideas may be refined, but they generally remain something that we would be proud to call our own ideas.

"Second question is:

What is your favorite part in your job?" - Yellow Yoshi

I love the creative design process. I love to sit down and create ideas, flesh them out and come up with something engaging and fun for people to enjoy. Then I love to see people enjoying my content.

It's a wonderful experience to know that more than a million people have enjoyed a piece of content that you've created. :)

"And lastly question three:

Any chance on hinting on your current/future work/ideas? -" Yellow Yoshi

None at all. :P

"3, Will we ever have acces to Pumpkin Pete's emote?
4, Will Zabeth and the band appear in other events?" - Zoli Ben

3. I cannot say.

4. Perhaps, who knows.

"How did you get "promoted" to game developement on Jagex? Are you excited about your projects? Any of you which you could tell us?" = KalGer

Short answer is I applied and got the role. The long answer is long and not really something I have the time for.

I'm excited about all my projects, but no, I cannot discuss them, sorry. ;)

"What makes you decide in your mind that a piece of content would be worth working on? Do you go by the rule of thumb that it'd be something you want to play, or its comedy/parody value?" - Makoto D

First we look at what that piece of content would bring to the game. Is there a space for it? Would it be something people would play? Would I want to play it?

Then we'd look at how similar content ideas have been received before and adapt it. No point making content that people hated before, if we can help it.

Of course you cannot create content for everyone, so you have to gauge who will enjoy your content the most.

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 20:24:01

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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"•What are the top 5 high points of your job.

•What are the top 5 down sides of your job.

•What do you enjoy the most about working for JaGex?:)" - Daviddts

Top 5
  • Creating new content.
  • Working with amazing (if crazy) people.
  • Seeing millions of people enjoy our content.
  • Runefest awesomeness!!!
  • Pizza whilst doing QA sessions. :)

Down sides
  • Free pizza isn't in infinite supply.
  • Penguins watching us...waiting to strike.
  • Regular ninja battles.
  • Irregular ninja battles.
  • Mod MMH.....jk

The thing I enjoy the most is being able to come into work in the morning and say to myself "I get to make games for a living". I mean come on, how awesome is that?

"What's you favorite (in-game) music?" - Ik oClock

It has to be Black Zabbeth!

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 20:34:06

Mod Ana

Mod Ana

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Yeah, I was really nervous when I started! I'd just come out of university so I don't have much experience, and that combined with working for such an awesome company made for a very scary first day! It's a really friendly environment though, so I soon got over my nerves!

As for programming languages, in university I mainly did java and C++, but we did some graphics in C (which was horrible). I don't think the language itself is very important though - I found that understanding the basics of programming languages in general made it very easy to pick up new ones quickly.

I did have to move! I actually moved quite far away from everyone else I knew to come here, which was a scary experience! Totally worth it, though :).

Top 5 high points:
- Endless supply of tea
- Endless supply of coffee
- Endless supply of cookies
- Endless supply of pizza
- Ok, a serious one - making content. It's amazing fun :). And I'm really looking forward to seeing people play it!

I'm too new and naive to consider any down sides!

I did just finish university (in June!) so I came straight here. In terms of studying, I've answered a few similar questions previously so take a look at those :)!

My knowledge of greek is ... neary non-existant, but it's like aah-nah. It has one 'n' because it's short for something else, but I'm not telling you what :p. And I'm now eating pizza so I'm reconsidering my original answer to pizza vs cookies, but ... chocolate cookies still have to win!

25-Nov-2010 20:35:14

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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"What do you think when people rant at you? do you think "ah it is just a couple of noobs" or do you also really listen to it? " - Joeytje50

It depends, to be honest.

If someone has a legitimate point, raised in a coherent and legitimate way, I'll take it on board and look into it.

However, if someone writes "ZOMGS Jigglex U iz Teh RUBBiSH!1ONE" I don't generally consider it constructive feedback.

The problem with rants is that they're generally not particularly good at identifying what the problem is. Constructive feedback threads are far more useful because we can start getting straight to the point.

Make it coherent, legible and constructive (point out the problem, suggest solutions, but avoid needless flaming) and it's generally taken on board.

Remember, a good rule in life is that insulting people rarely gets you your way. But a well worded piece of constructive feedback will often get you what you wanted, plus some.

"if u had to choose 1 member of the undead to be chasing u which one would u choose?" - Spidr5

First off, amazing question.

I had a think about this one, Zombies are rubbish, vampires are too cliché, banshees aren't undead (they're fae), so that leaves us with various things.

In the end I think I'll settle for a lich, because if I'm up against one of those then they must have some information on the dark magics that forged them. Which means I can learn it. BWahahahahaaa.

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 20:42:53

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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"To catch level 75 and 76 Jadinko we need to use a Hunter Juju Potion on our vine flowers patch. But to make that potion we need a Corrupt Vine which is dropped by the level 78 Jadinko(Diseased).

My question is: What's the point in giving them a lower hunter requirement (75 and 76) if we can't catch them until at least level 78?
Shouldn't the Diseased Jadinko have a lower requirement than the other two (Cannibal and Aquatic)? " - Ebola

If you look at the overall levels required, you'll notice that the second potion requires more overall.

I confess that it's a difficult balancing act with these potions, as they call information from everywhere and have certain requirements from farming and hunter. In the end we had to go with what works and what felt right.

This meant that that particular potion didn't quite match up how we'd like, but then this update was designed largely for people where the requirements wouldn't be a problem. You do after all need some high stats to get all the combinations.

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 20:59:02

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