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Thank you for the luck, I think I'll need it O_o!

There are soo many different roles here I couldn't say one thing you'd have to be 'good at'. I went for something I enjoyed :).

Muahahaha poweer! I couldn't choose one :p! And I have not yet decided whether I will be good or evil, perhaps I'll decide after my first update!

A typical working day at Jagex... hmmm. Not sure I should really tell you about the unicorns or the chocolate fountains... I've said too much :O.

I'd love to talk about my future projects, because I'm really excited about them! I think that would ruin the surprise a bit, though :(.

I really can't give advice on what you need to learn or know :). Personally I did Computer Science and programmed mainly in java and C++ too, but everyone who works here has a different background!

This is going to be a bit similar to the answer above! I did Computer Science, and at school for my A levels I did art, maths, more maths and English literature. However, there really are sooo many roles and so many ways of getting in, what I did is by no means the only or best way!

25-Nov-2010 20:59:44

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Mod Raven

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"The Herblore Habitat displaced three very nice mahogany trees from the Kharazi jungle. Are there any plans to put them back, possibly a few squares to the west so they're sort of in the same place? " - Saftzie

I've already poked the relevant people about that, so watch this space.

Well not that space, but you know what I mean.

"1. Why isn't there a constant xp boost on the Witchdoctor clothing set? Like lumberjack? Something that would make it useful.

2. The shop sells 100 packs of Baskets and Juju Vials, was this a glitch or is this the beginning of a good change in shop trends? I'm sick of being limited by "tool" items.

3. It's extremely annoying having to reapply doses of the hunter potion- perhaps we'll get a higher quality potion that lasts longer in the future?

4. The seeds are very rare, from any Jadinko- especially since you can only catch certain ones (like the Draconic Jadinko, which are the only pure herb seed droppers) for short periods of time and need striped vines to keep others out of the area.

5. This is almost completely hunter based (and is fairly week xp/h at that), are there any plans on changing experience rates?

6. Favorite quote?
" - Gr Cheese

1. Because you can already get some very nice XP rates in the herblore area. Adding a permenant XP boost would be a bit overpowered. It also gives you a reason to keep playing the content, so you can keep getting the benefit every week.

Remember that it does stack with the god potions.

2. I did it on purpose so that people could buy what they needed for the content. No sense in making life too difficult. ;)

3. It currently lasts 10 minutes, which is pretty good considering. I think making it longer might be a tad silly. But you never know, we did debate an extra reward when you find the god creatures a second time, perhaps we'll consider it again in future. But currently there are no plans.

4. That's not actually a question, more of a statement. However you aren't intended to get a billion seeds in the first hour, you're supposed to get several seeds over time. The rates aren't that bad, you may just have been a trifle unlucky.

5. Actually it's pretty good hunter xp, you can get well over 140k if you know what you're doing, but that's beside the point. You can get some nice xp rates on the other abilities as well. The potions can net you some lovely herblore xp and the farming patches grow a lot faster than some other patches. Remember that things tie together, get the god potions and you'll get an even better xp rate.

6. Only the you understand.

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 21:06:12

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Mod Ana

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Aaah so many questions!
1. Coming out of university, obviously I tried a lot of places! With Jagex, because they seemed like such an awesome company to work for I kind of applied in a 'well, I'll apply but they'll NEVER take me' way!

2. I would have cried in a corner until they changed their minds. I don't think this would have worked :(.

3. I think it's because the people who chose me were having an off day :p.

As for the other questions, those are really difficult to answer! I couldn't say any particular 'set of attributes' that would be important as there are so many different roles, and all the people here are from different backgrounds :).

25-Nov-2010 21:10:23

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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"Q.) So Raven, what gave you the idea make us players try and piece together a past-future problem when talking to Zabeth Cordith? Lots of players couldn't solve this problem when talking to Zabeth, and I (quite suprisingly) was able to solve it!" - Aeroxmaster

I was surprised that people found it too difficult to be honest, it was a simple reversal of standard conversation. It was inspired by a game I used to love, a classic point and click adventure game.

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 21:20:22

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Mod Ana

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The first project I've been working on is Christmas :D. It was awesome to tell my friends 'today I've been making Christmas'!

The thing I'm most excited about doing is created some really good content :); I'm especially looking forward to working on a quest!

25-Nov-2010 21:25:33

Mod Raven

Mod Raven

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Right guys, I must flee now, they're on to me....

It's been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed answering your questions. I'll hopefully be doing another of these Q&A sessions one day.

Take care guys. it better to escape via the window and onto my blimp, or should I take the secret tunnel into the underground cave....

= Raven =

25-Nov-2010 21:25:47

Mod Ana

Mod Ana

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Thank you for your questions and also for the various welcomes and congratulations :D! I had a lot of fun answering :).

Hopefully I'll get to do another Q&A session when I've released some content for you all to grill me about D:!

25-Nov-2010 21:27:29

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