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Mod Stevew

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Hi everyone,
Some of you may know that Mod Calm left Jagex in early September to pursue his plans for world domination. ;)
This left us quite a gap in the team, and we've all been chipping in to make sure that some of the key responsibilities of the role continue to get done - in particular P Mod recruitment (Mod Kat has been a true star on this one - I owe you large quantities of chocolate!).
The good news is that we had a large number of applicants to take on the role, and I'm delighted to be able to announce that Mod Lewis R was successful, and will be taking up the position from Monday 1 November.
Lewis is a dedicated RuneScape player, and one of only a handful of people whose account was made both a Player and Forum Moderator - long before he joined Jagex as an employee.
In his time at Jagex he has worked in the offence appeal team as well as bug tracking and technical support - so he brings a varied and useful background to the role.
I'm sure it will take Lewis a few days to get used to the team - and to get his head round some of the stretching objectives he is being set in terms of Moderator strategy and direction, but I am entirely confident that he will excel in the role.
So, on behalf of Community Management - welcome to the team, we can't wait to work with you and I'm sure all forum users will welcome the new victim opportunity to make him feel at home!
Team Leader
Community Management

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Congratulations and good luck with your new role, Lewis! Though I doubt it's much of a change for you looking at all the experience you got. Make the best of it. :)

27-Oct-2010 14:10:41



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Good luck with your new role in the office.
By reading the post, it looks like you have a lot of knowledge about the game, and the work that you pull at the office.
Surely a great addition that is positive for the community, and the individual players.
Not to mention good for your long term career. ;)

27-Oct-2010 14:19:02



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Congratulations with your new job! I hope the rest of the company is able to keep up with your infinite wisdom about all things that move under Gielinor's nonexsistant sun.^_^

27-Oct-2010 14:26:39

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