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Mod Paul M

Mod Paul M

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Hi guys,
Wow, that's an unbelievable number of questions. Thanks very much for sending them all in.
We're going to lock the thread now as we're unfortunately never going to get to the end of them all in the time we have.
If your question isn't directly answered, hopefully, it's already something that's been asked already and answered over on the answer thread.
We'll be going through the thread over the next few days to pull out any key questions that haven't been already answered and will post the lot in the new Wilderness forum.
thanks again guys, take care.
Paul M

22-Jan-2011 17:17:53

Mod Fetzki

Mod Fetzki

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Hey guys,
Thanks for all the questions, we hope that most of you know now what they need to know to enjoy the Wildy in all its glory from February 1st.
I can't wait!
Mod Fetzki

22-Jan-2011 17:23:24

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