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I have some good news to our Lithuanian players.
Much anticipated trophy - a "Fight Knigts" wallpaper is available at Downloads and Wallpapers !

The Polish banner has been replaced with a new streamer to glorify the bravery of the Lithuanian players.

While remembering The Fight Knights Tournament we must not forget about the Indian community who dominated the battlefield in the clan fights, not to mention the 8000+ players from more than 16 communities who fought in over sixty battles during the tournament!

Although the tournament is long over there is more to come! To find out more about what events, tournaments and adventures we have planned for the coming month head over to Event Section.

See you there! :)

Mod Karolina

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22-Jan-2011 19:58:55



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Thanks. I really cannot appreciate you enough. I mean honestly, words cannot describe such a fascinating reward. Why are you guys being so kind to us, Lithuanians?

I couldn't be more satisfied, it only took you 2months+ to replace COLORS in an OLD wallpaper. But hey, look on the bright side - we got THE SAME wallpaper as polish players.

On behalf of Lithuania - we appreciate your huge effort towards our reward.

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ex NB

ex NB

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Thats not even worth to go for a fight if u're only available to change the colors...

Dialog :

To designer : Paint Lithuania
Designer : lilwiut ???????????????
To designer : They won the castle wars event!!!!!!!

^That says evrything

Honestly, GREAT JOB, and urs designer is a best one, all of us <3 him.

Kthxbi @ mod karolyyyyyyyyne

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I didn't get the chance to participate in the last event like this, but hopefully I'll be able to this time around.

Thanks for the lovely wallpaper! :)

.::Lord Dr Robry::.

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