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Air Ace

Air Ace

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Isn't this supposed to be locked right now? Ah well, I hope these captions count:
Caption #7. What happens when guns are introduced into runescape? Mod Jon H is waiting for an answer......
Caption #8. Mod Jon H introduces the new crossbow! Wait, that's for doomsday, ooops.
Caption #9. When Mods try to rob a bank they don't use their dragon claw specials, they use laser crossbows.
Caption #10. Mod Jon H uses his newly enhanced bot hunting systems to catch bots all over Runescape, until he finds out one of them is just a security worker with a flashlight.
Caption #11. As part of the Bot Detection branch in Jagex, we go undercover in the most extreme situations to hunt and abolish botting systems around the world.
Caption #12. Ok, hands up botter! I have caught you red-handed and you are going to.....wait, turn out that light, it burns!!!!
Caption #13. Bots hide in fear as Moderator Jon H patrols the realms of Runescape with advanced bot-hunting technology. No bot can hide from a Jagex moderator though!

11-Feb-2011 16:57:25

Mod Jon H

Mod Jon H

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Hi everyone,
Just to notify you that this competition has now closed.
(I did say 10:00 but I forgot to check my rota and see what time I would be working today - so I actually only got into the office at 17:00. Whoops! :D)
I'll honour every entry that was submitted while the thread was open.
Best of luck to everyone who entered! Winners will be announced in the March Newsletter.

11-Feb-2011 17:25:14

Mod Jon H

Mod Jon H

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Hi all,
Just to let you know that the March threads are now out!
Find out who won this month's Caption Competition by checking out the latest newsletter:
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and enter this month's contest here:
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Have fun!

25-Feb-2011 02:06:36

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