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Live Q&A - We Ask You!

This weekend we're bringing you a live question and answer session with a twist - this time we ask YOU the questions!
On Saturday from 5pm forum time, I'll be posting up juicy RuneScape questions that should really get you thinking. This is a chance to tell us your side of the story.
We always love to read your feedback and hear what you have to say and we’ve a stack of questions on the Wildy, clans and your general RuneScape experience up our modly sleeves.
The great thing about having a live session is that answers will inevitably generate more questions. That means we have no idea where the session will end up, but if we end up discussing the virtues of being a monkey or the best cup cake ingredient, you’ll only have yourselves to blame!

After the Q&A we’ll gather all your responses together to make sure that everyone who posts an answer is heard.
I'll be posting the questions on this thread, and you'll be able to post your answers here too. Here's the first question to get you started:
In your opinion, what is the toughest skill to start training?
I'll unlock this thread on Saturday afternoon at 5pm; can't wait to see your answers :)
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07-Feb-2011 19:07:01

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Good afternoon RuneScape!
Here's the questions so far:
1. In your opinion, which is the toughest skill to start training? NOW CLOSED
2. What do you think of our official RuneScape pages on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook? What would you like to see from them in the future? NOW CLOSED
3. What’s been your greatest triumph in the Wilderness since February 1st 2011? NOW CLOSED
4. If you are a PKer, are you a lone wolf or do you hunt in packs? NOW CLOSED
5. Do you train skills with efficiency or profit in mind? NOW CLOSED
6. What’s your favourite spot in RuneScape to just ‘hang out’? NOW CLOSED
7. Have you ever taken part in a community event organised by the Community Management team? If so, which one and how was it? If not, why not? NOW CLOSED
8. What item would you really love to see in the Jagex Store? NOW CLOSED
9.What’s your all-time favourite item from your bank/inventory? NOW CLOSED
10. Have you ever recommended RuneScape to your friends or family? NOW CLOSED
11. Are you a member of a clan? If so, how did you join it? If not, why not? NOW CLOSED
12. Have you ever visited the clan section of the RuneScape forums? What did you think of it? NOW CLOSED
13. Where did you first hear about RuneScape? NOW CLOSED
14. Why do you play RuneScape? NOW CLOSED
15. What more could we be doing to better support the RuneScape community? NOW CLOSED
16. Have you ever given up training a skill? If so, which one? NOW CLOSED
17. How have you used free trade since its return on the 1st of February? NOW CLOSED
18. Do you use the official RuneScape Game Bar? If so, what do you think of it? If not, why not? NOW CLOSED
19. Which is your favourite RuneScape fan/help site and why? NOW CLOSED
20. What’s your all-time favourite quest and why? NOW CLOSED
Edit: This Q&A is now closed. Thank you for taking part!
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Q1) construction, its very expensive as a starting skill, most other skills u can start easily with little gp.
Q2) I would rather you concentrate and put more effort/money into the game content rather than this other stuff.
Q3) Nothing really, im more into staking and pvm.
Q4) Dont really pk much
Q5) Efficiency, I make money elsewhere other than skilling.
Q6) Used to be outside fally park w2 in 07, now i dont really hang out much.
Q7) nope.
Q8) Buy back a banned account (with xp removed ofc)
Q9) Was a green party hat before I got hacked.
Q10) Nope
Q11) I was a member of clan, but quit because I am not that active in rs anymore.

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The toughest skill to start training is summoning. Not only do you have to first complete a quest, but you then have to collect charms and other materials, before you can even begin to start leveling (excluding exp gained from the quest).

12-Feb-2011 17:01:02



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In my opinion, Dungeoneering is the most toughest to train, as finding 3-4 other players around your same combat level, AND your dungeoneering level/floor level, is quite tough. It really is. Then, some players just aren't teamplayers. They don't care. They'll leech from you. "I don't want to die though!" Yeah yeah, whatever.
Second would have to be summoning though. It takes quite a while to find all the charms, and on top of that, you pay quite the big bucks to level it up. However, I feel like it's not as bad as it was before.
Next question please! :P

12-Feb-2011 17:01:03

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"In your opinion, what is the toughest skill to start training?"
It's by far Summoning - you have to collect charms and spend a great amount on items to get the xp. However, it could be said to be Prayer as to start properly training you need lots of money.
- Fishy
EDIT: You were 49 seconds late.
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"In your opinion, what is the toughest skill to start training? "
I'd have to say the toughest skill to START training would have to be Dungeoneering, not because it's really physically hard to play, but because prestige can look so complex at first, and finding out how to get good exp can seem daunting.

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Ent March

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For all skills, it's Dungeoneering for certain. (Note, I haven't started training it yet)
It is such a large skill, I really have no clue on how to start training this skill as a skiller.
On the skills I have trained allready, it's construction.
It is also a large skill, but the fact is, is that if you want to start, you first need to have a room or multiple rooms to have a good house.
Every room has different things to add, most items need different materials to be made.
Finding out on which room has which items, and which items need which materials is the hardest part. Planks are the most needed part of Construction, yes. But some items require nails, other glass, other limestone, or runes or bars or this or that.
I always forget to add 1 thing you need to make an item.
Then again, some things need a certain lvl in another skill. Example: for the rune cases you'll need to required runecrafting lvl.
On other things, you don't need a required lvl in another skill. Example: For you garden, you don't need any farming lvl to add trees. (no matter which kind of tree). But you do get xp in farming on the other hand. :) So it's also hard to see what needs another lvl other then the required construction level.
It's a fun and cool skill thou. :) It is helpfull in mining with the telescope! :D And, it also gives a certain extra bankspace. :) And a fun place to have fun with your friends!

12-Feb-2011 17:01:08



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ranged cuz firing arrow after arrow gets boring after a while

prayer cuz all ur doing is burying bones (the whole ectofundus thing takes a long time)

summoning cuz it's so expensive plus charm collecting takes such a long time!

construction (see summoning)

farming cuz all ur doing is standing there & waiting 4 crops 2 grow it gets bering after a while (kinda like farmville lol :P)
dungeoneering cuz i like training it with my bff but she's hardly ever on :(
herblore-it gets more & more expensive as u lvl up >.<
runecrafting-ur just running from the mine 2 the bank then to the runecrafting alter then back to the mine agian
I wish I was in Dixie land

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